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Thursday, 1st August 2013

i'm ba-a-a-a-ck....
Good and bad day all at the same time...  Good, i washed all the floors in the flat [though having to sit and rest half way through] and washed myself into a chair in the sitting room, with feet up on footstool until it all dried.  Not sure if i did too much, but stomach not very happy.  Had a packet of crisps that i dunked into some cramelised onion hummus [to cover lunch pills], which helped somewhat but still didn't feel 100%.   i probably got a bit too warm... so sat with the fan on and cooled off.
Then rang my IT man about half four, who said all done, just finished 10 minutes before i rang.  He'd explain when i picked up my pc.  Went straight down to pick it up, of course.  He said a bunch of stuff had got corrupted, on a domino effect but he'd cleaned it all up and everything was running smoothly again.  This is what i love about this man.  He never takes long but will tell you if he needs more time and he has never charged me very much.  He's not only giving me excellent service because i'm a long-time customer and always go to him, but he's conscious i'm a pensioner, who doesn't have unlimited money.  He's lovely...
So came back and plugged everything back in; all smooth so far.  Let's see... some lovely steam punk pieces - great filigree work on the collar of the first.
1045147_507888992617077_1857411837_nPhotographer, Barry Druxman
Yay, it works!   Boat & disc wall pieces by Curtis Jere; love the bee teacosy and the wonderful little owl, great pizza tool too!
A-Metal-Boat-Wall-Sculpture-titled-Maria-by-Curtis-Jere-6658_4447-productA-Rare-Curtis-Jere-Disc-Wall-Sculpture-USA-signed-C-Jere-1970s-10902_14210-productil_570xN.370771320_3r05A-Small-Metal-Owl-Table-Sculpture-1970s-14040_16252-zoompizza tool
Great to be back in working order.  Wish i could say the same about how i feel; ropey would about cover it.  Cole Stacey is finally back in Cambridge, one night only and it is tonight - of course!  i'm in two minds as to whether or not i'll be up to going.  i'll have some soup and see how i feel then.
But y'all have a good night and take care
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