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Saturday, 3rd August 2013

Another sultry day, but at least there's some breeze...  Bloke in one of our flats actually hung out his washing this morning, making me glad i had the Council inspect and install the nice new Hills Hoists, after they cut down the conifers.
So as i had another night where i couldn't sleep until i ate something with carbs, i didn't get up until nearly midday.  i don't count having to get up to pee as i go back to sleep straightaway.  i wasn't well on Thursday, not actually being sick though i felt i might.  i think i did too much on a Very Hot day [washed all the floors in the flat, although i did sit down a couple of times] and did a general pick up.  i was on the cusp of needing to lie down, feeling like an old dish rag...  Mea culpa, i'm pretty sure i hadn't drunk enough water and got dehydrated.
However, i did feel better the next day and only did small chores, like washing out the sponge filter for the kitchen air extractor.  It gets super greasy and can actually drip, yuk.  Why does grease collect on things in the kitchen, above stove level?  i did a couple of sitting tasks, sorting my side-table and clearing stuff off it.  i've a pile of magazines i've been slow to read and my usual and-never-diminishing piles of books.  i think there's nothing nicer than having books to read, DVDs to watch and music to listen to... unless it's having dinner with friends; not something i do a lot of nowadays - as y'all are so spread out!  Wish i was Rourke-rich and could send my little jet to bring you over for a day or so and relax and eat while we goss and catch up...  Sounds good to me.
i'm better for the rest and have a great disinclination to DO anything today.  Which means, i'll eat the rest of the Chinese takeaway [delivered actually, last night] tonight and watch some of the programmes i recorded over the past few days.  i have it on to record the series i watch - Ina Garten's cookery show, Gardeners' World [with the excellent Monty Don], 'Perception', Holmes on Homes/Holmes Report, Grand Designs, anything with Kirstie Allsop [worth a pound a minute just for the entertainment] and her 'Location, Location, Location' with Phil Spencer.  When 'Game of Thrones' is on and the other shows i like ['Castle', 'Body of Proof', 'Rizzoli & Iles', 'Elementary' etc], i record those - i purely HATE advertising.
i've some pictures for you, of course... :D  The falling bee is one of the more unusual Chinese paintings, i think. Love the kitty play/sleeping pod. Those weird little triangles are baby stingrays... Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Raymond Depardon's photo of desolation; Richard Artschwager's Piano-Piano, 1963-65-2011, laminate on wood; School for street kids founded by Rajesh Kumar Sharma, under a metro rail bridge, in New Delhi, India; The Wave [acrylic on linen cloth] by deaf artist, Charles Wildbank; Tesco's age-restriction lock on spirits - that they forgot to take off!; Tom Daley practicing in Barcelona and have you ever wondered about the name Weta Productions in New Zealand that does all the modelling and special effects stuff for Lord of the Rings & the Hobbit?  Well, this is a Weta.  Like a huge grasshopper and this one looks pretty well full-grown.  They are harmless but very spikey and a nightmare if you catch one on your clothes or arrgh! in your hair...
newborn stingraysPulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and documentarian Raymond Depardon
Richard Artschwager, Piano-Piano, 1963-65-2011, laminate on wood
School founded by Rajesh Kumar Sharma, under a metro rail bridge, in New Delhi, India.
The Wave acrylic on linen cloth by the deaf artist, Charles WildbankIMG_0017
Tom Daley in Barcelona practising


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Aug. 3rd, 2013 10:52 pm (UTC)
well I don't care for that grass hopper at all! But I love 'the wave'!

It is important that you stay hydrated in this hot weather, but then you know that...

And I second the wish to be as rich as Rourke so you (or I) could pay to fly our friends around the world to play.... there are a couple more 'In Death' books coming out this Autumn, do you think Dallas will finally get pregnant?
Aug. 3rd, 2013 11:09 pm (UTC)
Hell, i hope not! She's nowhere fit to be a mother and the idea would HORRIFY her, almost as much as me! i wondered after all the assault she endured, if it were physically possible. She simply does not have the time either. And another thing, nowhere in the stories, does it mention Rourke using condoms/safe sex or any such. It has never mentioned her being fitted with any birth control mechanisms either - mind you, she never seems to pee either! Come to think of it, Peabody doesn't seem bothered by the lack either. Unless i'm missing something somewhere?
Aug. 3rd, 2013 11:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it is the total lack of birth control that always makes me think she'll get knocked up... but I suppose they use some kind of magical birth control which is permanently working without any worries for as long as she likes....

Anyway, you're right, she would make a terrible Mother, but Somerset would make a great Nanny.

And I'm guessing that Peabody is using the same magical all purpose birth control (they've mentioned that the prostitutes all have some kind of perfect birth control stuff of some sort...).

Now that you mention it, she must have a really strong bladder, she drinks gallons of coffee and never needs to take a minute to pee! Maybe she is really a robot?
Aug. 4th, 2013 10:47 am (UTC)
LOL Nah, she wouldn't need to drink if she was a robot or an android... Well, i guess all that food & drink must go somewhere - she never watches Rourke on the loo! This mythical birth control stuff must be restricted to those who can buy it, or Eve would never have been born. These romance writers gloss over such mundane things... not much romance in attending to the call of nature!
Aug. 4th, 2013 02:36 pm (UTC)
Well the books are set only about 50 years into the future, and we know we don't have any of these inventions yet... so I guess we can assume that the perfect birth control was invented after Eve Dallas was born?

But it is true, it is pretty much unheard of for any author to mention 'attending a call of nature'. I was writing (trying to start to write) a Romance/Adventure/Suspense novel once, and my plan for my heroine's escape involved her getting to use the bathroom.... And my beta reader/friend was shocked that she asked to use the bathroom! LOL
Of course I wasn't going to have her actually need to pee, I was having her get water on the floor of the bathroom so she could incapacitate her captor by giving him a bad electrical shock, which would also blow the electrical fuse (giving her a chance to escape out into the darkness....).
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