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Saturday, 17th August 2013

Well, it's been and up-and-down week.  Started well, with being signed off from the Plastic Surgery Unit with good results and then visiting Opticians for my annual check-up.  i was so sure i wouldn't need new glasses, i didn't even take the NHS certificate or my current glasses with me, go figure!  But i'm delighted to say, the results agreed with me and no new prescription needed.  i can usually tell when there's any change, before they tell me. Great results all round.
Nothing else of major import until Friday, just the usual cleaning, tidying etc. Had my Tesco delivery early this week on Friday morning, all good - except ordering cooked chicken thighs instead of raw [how did that happen?], as i wanted to marinade them before cooking.
So all normal, until the late afternoon/evening, when i started to feel decidedly non-well.  You know how you feel when 'flu starts to kick in?  Achey, slightly head-swimmy and too warm and too cool at the same time [temp probably up only half a degree but you know about it], and that stretchy/spasmy thing?  Yup, that's me.  Except it's not flu [moon ain't blue] and no prior symptoms.  This is usually my way of getting rid of some bug i've picked up or dealing with something off that i've eaten - and not to put too fine a point on it, i'd already had a day or so of visiting the loo more times than i wanted.  Mind you, eating too many raw tomatoes or raw fruit can do that to me as well.  Or i could just have taken a chill.  It's a fine line in keeping cool and getting chilly.
Heaved a sigh, grabbed a drink and retired smartly to bed.  Wrapped up [a coverlet in August!] and got into my book, which experience has taught me, distracts very well.  Took me a while to warm up, but eventually i just ditched my glasses and slept for a while.  Light still on, up for a pee and remembered to take my pills, back to bed.  i woke a few times and disturbed to find my joints were really hurting, which is probably what woke me.
Just kept on rolling over and going back to sleep, until i felt better.  i figured out this morning that i'd probably taken my pills the wrong way round but not a biggy.  i got up really slowly and relieved to find the temps back to normal and the achey stuff gone but my back and left hip hurt like shit.  Got up and took my meds, made myself an omelet with toast and some decent coffee and ate it while i started the computer and checked out my emails.  Gods, i love it when the meds kick in.  With enough painkillers, you could walk on a broken leg...
So, kiddies, here i am.  Half three and it's rained hard enough that i shut the garden door.  It's open again now and i can see a thrush eating berries of the big bush as it did yesterday.  i can hear the blackbirds clucking like hens.  i love this wet weather, we so need some rain and it brings the temperature down beautifully.  Wind is strong enough to keep the clouds moving, so there must be an amazing amount of it up there...  Forecast is for it to fine up again, maybe tomorrow but still cloudy.  It's the constant grey that is depressing, not the rain.
i've got another dead tree in the garden, close by where the other one was.  i've asked Will to come see, or the tree-man but i'd like to find out why they were in the same area.  Otherwise the garden is looking good.  i've got a bare patch of earth & mulch that i've got to cover as the neighbours' cats are using it as a latrine.  Not that i mind per se, but it is getting smelly and attracting flies.  Luckily, i have plenty of the fabric on hand, just need to get on and do it - when it isn't going to rain on me!
So, photos...  my kind of wall but without all the pottery, LOVE this Amish quilt, a gorgeous Canadian lynx, one of the more unusual cups i've seen and this super candelabra from Mason Creations.
il_570xN.473344698_4vj2made by Mason Creations
Have a great weekend, y'all!


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Aug. 17th, 2013 03:13 pm (UTC)
Great photos as always... I like the wall of shelves, but I want the little cup/head (so cute!), and I think the Kraken Chandelier is just my style! LOL
Aug. 17th, 2013 08:48 pm (UTC)
I want the shelving/room, the light and the quilt but I dislike the cup for some reason. Animals are always gorgeous. Enjoyed your entry, you do a very nice description. :) This weather is so iffy no wonder we come down with bugs and stuff...I am sniffly myself. :)
Aug. 18th, 2013 01:53 pm (UTC)
the yawning baby cup was always going to be a definite yes or no... Sorry to hear you're not the best, get better soon, Ditto

Edited at 2013-08-18 01:53 pm (UTC)
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