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YAY! i am happy today!

It's been an on/off week, with frustration and mounting overdraft, waiting for the pityful benefits to be sorted and implemented [they bloody well be backdated or there will be blood on the carpet at the Jobcentre] - equally the Council with the Housing Benefit...

i had to pay January's rent as it was too soon for anything to be done and if it wasn't for my overdraft, it would not have been done - i rang the Council on Friday as i had two conflicting opinions given at the Jobcentre [gives you the feeling - no, evidence that few of them actually know what they are doing] as to what happens next with the Housing Benefit application.   i asked the woman at the Council if it would be backdated and she seemed to think it would be...  She was supportive and will send out a form for me to fill in right away, as i will not be able to pay February's rent too.  i am trying not to worry...

Been a rainy, miserable-weather day - But i didn't care when i went into to town and met Lynnie off the bus...  SO good to see her again.  We went and had a coffee and when i politely enquired if that was her only bag, she gave me an odd look and i started to laugh.  The look on her face was absolutely priceless, when she realised that the bag with my parcel in it, was still sitting on her sofa at home!  Never mind, post it to me...  It was too early for lunch, even after a little bit of shopping, so we hopped on the bus and came home.  We both got soaked head & shoulders, to the extent my mascara ran and made me look like a panda!   We spent the rest of the day just kicking back and having a giggle - and drying out!  She met my newly-risen-from-the-dead-housemate Kostas, who got up when i was making sandwiches in the kitchen around 1pm!   She spent most of the encounter trying not to laugh as he doesn't speak much English and wouldn't understand why - and 'cos she just didn't want to hurt his creepy little feelings...  and he is pretty creepy.   He's tiny, loosing his hair and tries to flirt, as he is absolutely sure he is irrisistible... even when he looks like the living dead!  He already thinks my lady friends are beautiful [Jude!  He's right of course but he fancies her], so i am sure he would like Lynnie too.  He did make her some coffee...  Greek coffee, thick and black of course...

We have been comparing notes about our computers [have been having and still have some problems - i think it just didn't like moving down here] and downloading the latest version of Real Player seemed to kick off a whole load of trouble.  NTL really doesn't like the latest version and is working hard to support it fully - they recommended i uninstall 7 and go back to Version 6.   Which is fine but Microsoft won't let me do that...  i did uninstall 7 [i thought] but when i tried to download 6 again, it kept telling me i had a later version installed and would not allow the download.  i was forced to reinstall 7 as a result and i'm pissed....  i get two error messages now when i log on with Internet Explorer, it won't install my home page on start up and i am having to sign in to sites that normally recognise me - including MOZ!!   It will pick up my favourites fine but gets arsey now when Outlook Express starts.  It doesn't go straight through first time but zipps in SO fast when i do it again.  But i can't go through life continually refreshing and rehashing all the soddin time!!  
i will try a system restore but i think i am going to have to call NTL to try and sort this out as i am rapidly running out of patience.   Always something, huh...   i may need new bits i suppose, as i have had this machine now for about five years.   *tears hair out*

It was still raining enthusiastically when we went back into town for Lynnie to catch her bus home and helped slow down the already slow traffic crush, to the extent that a normal 10-minute bus ride took 30 minutes!!  We did leave early to try and compensate for the Saturday rush hour and just as well but we got there with 10 minutes to spare - which i spent watching Lynnie shivering and slowly start turning blue again...    The bus came on time and there are heaters down the sides, so she could warm up before she got to change buses again.   Waved goodbye, wishing she could stay and went to get my bus home...  Crush of buses again and the City2 bus must have stopped somewhere in the line and let passengers out, but it wasn't anywhere near the stop it should have been [ours was being blocked by a Park& Ride] and just sailed passed us waiting!!  i let out a roar of rage, startling an older lady who nearly collided with me and i hurled invective after the retreating bus, apologising to the lady for wanting to kick the busdriver's butt...  She had recovered by then and agreed with me...    We caught the next one, which pulled in at the stop in front of ours [but we just hoofed it and jumped on] and yes, it only took the usual 10 minutes to get home... bloody of course!

i was overtired i guess [didn't get a lot of sleep last night] and it is now just after 2am, so i will go hibernate for a bit and sleep late tomorrow...   Night, my lovers!


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Jan. 7th, 2007 09:57 am (UTC)
Switch to Mozilla Firefox - it works much better than IE, saves all your passwords for you automatically and has great add-ons like 'foxmarks' which saves all your bookmarks to it's central area, and so if you ever have a computer crash (or change computers or get a new one) you never lose them, and just synchronise the current computer with it again.

It also has customisable themes, has English spellings and will spell check your entries into Lj for you automatically...

No, I don't work for them! LOL!

Go here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/
Jan. 7th, 2007 03:18 pm (UTC)
Mmmmm, interesting...
Is it compatible with cable? i know NTL support Internet Explorer and i have had a look at the home page - nothing against Mozilla or Firefox...

You get to the point when you wonder who is crazy and you have a nasty suspision it's you... it tells me i need to set a default search - what was it? i'm getting mazed... so i think i have done it... i will have to log out and log back in to test it now. But it is buggering up my internet access Big Time.. i am not recognised by my usual websites now and THAT is pissing me off... keep having to log in AGAIN...
*won't need a hair cut soon, i will have pulled it all out*
Jan. 7th, 2007 03:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Mmmmm, interesting...
We have ntl for everything - TV/phone/broadband and Firefox has never let us down. IE on the other hand regularly crashes, especially IE7!

I've been using Firefox for over a year and I love the fact it's so reliable (and you'll never see another pop up again! LOL!) Give it a try - it's really easy to remove if you hate it.
Jan. 8th, 2007 01:01 am (UTC)
Good thinking, Batman...
i thought 'can't be worse than it is now' and set too and cancelled IE - installed Firefox and it is working sweetly so far...
COOL!! Thanks, Miz K, good idea.
I have decided to uninstall MSN Messenger too as it has some stuff that may not be working properly either but that is made of sterner stuff and will take some organising, as i need to change the whole caboodle including the email addy in Passport too. Then i will do the same to Outlook Express...
Never stops, huh... at least it keeps my mind off the waiting...
i owe you a drink in May, petal!
Jan. 8th, 2007 08:04 am (UTC)
Re: Good thinking, Batman...
You're welcome! I use Yahoo messenger, which allows you to add people who use MSN and that seems more reliable too.

You'll probably find Outlook Express difficult to get rid of and it might be better to leave that alone and just no use it (remove it as the default email).

Have fun!
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