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Wednesday, 18th September 2013

What's with this weather??  Is that it, summer over?  Short and relatively sweet...
First night of Henry 6th last night - the cast [i recognised some faces of good UK actors] did well with the odd setting, all bits of scaffolding and actors not actually acting sitting at the side & back, so they could change tabbards [which they did onstage, which was unsettling and distracting] and some of them taking more than one part! They had young King Henry sitting at the back of the stage reading a book most of the time as well! Very odd.
Combine all that with a chaotic first couple of scenes, trying to work out who was who.  None of your 'here-comes-Gloucester-now' to help you out.  As the play progressed, there was some naming of names but it was patchy.  i guess these characters would have been pretty well know, in theory, to the audience at the time but it was very confusing to a modern one.  i had the intention of reading through the play before i went, as it's not one that gets aired very often, but i found the first few pages almost as confusing and gave up!  i'll go back and read it when we're done.
What is interesting was the inclusion of Joan of Arc and her story which had a bearing on the battle between France & England over French land after the death of Henry 5th.  She started well and we lost most of the land back to France, before she was captured [and murdered later in England].  The perspective was interesting as this was told by the Tudor Shakespeare many years later.  The superstition of the time called schizophrenia witchcraft, as she owned to hearing voices, poor girl.
Part Two tonight and as the same actors are in all the plays, hopefully more clarity.  Problem with these plays is they are not historically accurate and barely in sequence.  The times were not as bloody or chaotic as Shakespeare portrays them and most of the peasants kept on doing their work in the fields and so on.  There were about 10 battles in this time frame, which he has edited to suit his story but none of them were long and protracted and lasted only a few hours at most.  i guess what you have to do, as with most of Shakespeare's historical plays, is to ignore reality and go with the play as a play.  Like making a movie from a book, with mucho editing.
Pics - gorgeous colours; big-horn sheep on Buffalo Bill Dam, Wyoming; Corral Boots and a beautiful owl tattoo
Buffalo Bill Damn, Shoshone River, Wyoming
Corral Boots


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Sep. 25th, 2013 05:12 pm (UTC)
Those are sheep on that damn! How the frilly heck are they staying up there!!! :O
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