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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19 & 20

Double dose again...  ha ha

19. What do you collect?

i used to collect a load of things, like dragons, jugs, owls - and a load of jewellery! i've stopped most of it, though i still like the odd piece of netsuke [if i can afford it] and old spoons. i can rarely resist unusual and beautiful earrings and of course, shoes. Me and Imelda Marcos! i'd been very firm with myself this year - until i saw the Wonder Woman Converses, Parrot shoes and the bespoke Bee flatties from Mandarina... *sigh* Woe is me! i SO don't NEED any more... i found it hard to throw some things away, like cameras. i found i had a load of them at one stage and hardened my heart and sold/gave most away. i do regret getting rid of my old Roliflex though; wish i'd kept that. It was a dinosaur then, and an antique now, but it took beautiful photos.

20. A difficult time in your life:

*laughs* Just one? There have been a few... several difficult medical patches [rebuilding my life after i smashed up my leg being a major one], and hateful work ones [the last job i had (with the UberBitch), before i was made redundant again for the fifth time; how i HATED the Yorkshire job market] and the killer never-to-be-forgotten years after my Mum died. Being in a different country cushioned my Dad's death, but it was a shock and i was so angry with him for dying 20 years earlier than i expected! i couldn't believe how my Aunt made up her own malicious rumours about both of them, especially the brother she so clearly idolised; how twisted is that?

It's Friday again.  Yesterday was my parents wedding anniversary, somethings you never forget.
Weird weather; strong winds, so blazing sun quickly following by the worst looking, low black clouds, but no rain.  It's all moving too fast and even the top clouds are moving pretty fast.  One of the trees outside my garden door bangs against the fence when it's windy.  Wonder what sort of winter we will have this year?
Some early iconic photos - Marilyn entertaining troops in Korea, 1954, and the gorgeous Betty Bacall; Clint Eastwood about the same era.  Bet you don't know Buster Crabbe - Olympic gold medal swimmer 1932, who went on to be one of the earlier Tarzans.

d48ebcbde3c648286b01e99f71b6ec7dc37b1bf4f7f64a70e194487ee476e8cc 4a6b6c5c8d8024b99e6a1ef54fa3a9ecbuster crabbe 1932


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Oct. 17th, 2013 11:13 am (UTC)
Don't know Buster Crabbe!!! Didn't you used to watch Flash Gordon? ;) Cracking pix. Really enjoying your meme, so interesting. Quite shocked re your auntie.
Oct. 17th, 2013 02:14 pm (UTC)
Sorry, didn't spend much time here back in the day... i only got to see Flash Gordon in minute bits occasionally in Sydney. Guess Auntie just loved and wanted the salacious and her tiny mind seized on any opportunity. Probably still does; haven't seen her in a coon's age [ how old is a coon, really? :D ]. She's always been slightly odd.
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