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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 22 & 23

Doubled up again, short answers

22. The best thing to happen this year:

Thank the gods, pensioners are exempt from this carnage of benefit chopping!  But cutting back unemployment is nothing short of attempted murder, you CANNOT live on it NOW!!  i'm guessing they will try make it harder to get, hopefully rather than reduce the actual pitiful amount...  i can sorta agree with the family benefits cuts as so many are abusing the system - just regulate it better, mate, and don't be so DAMNED stupid!

23. Your dream job:

That's easy - i always wanted to work in the special effects section of any film studio and latterly, the Weta Workshops, that would have been just perfect. Thanks be to all that's holy, i don't have to work anymore!  Oh, the absolute joy of not having to put up with the whims and vagueries of those self-important employers - i loathed most of them!  *makes very rude noise and even ruder gestures!!*

Piccies to cheer one up!
Beautiful Devetashka Cave, Bulgaria;  totally desirable china;  weirdly compelling doll;  windmill humour;  street art and a magic typewriter!  The most elaborate street art i've ever seen;  pretty yellow bird;  unusual embroidered street art;  some retro flamingoes;  shadow art and more street art and finally, Wooly Bear by Julia Pott.

6 Devetashka Cave Bulgaria6bbaaa037e33dc09ba8a7bb0622ae817
d89851d18341308ed81325a4400a4c79retro flamingosshadow artf6db9ae86688b4f15bb4fa7e89334efered foxWoolly Bear by Julia Pott
Have a great week, y'all!


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Oct. 6th, 2013 06:24 pm (UTC)
I love that idea with the dandelion heads! I wish all places would make the effort to get some humour into the boring bits of life. We have lovely flower displays here and occasional surprises like interesting decorations to celebrate various high holidays, but it would be nice to have those everyday things with fun stuff too.

I'd like to have worked in special effects too !
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