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Passion is a colour now?

Your Passion is Yellow
You're a total sexual shape shifter.
You possess a complex sex drive and are very adaptable.
Of all the colors, you are the most likely to be bisexual.
While you the most passionate, you are very open minded.

well, thank you...  i think!  These little quizzes are fascinating in their own right - you wonder who thinks them up and how they get the answers... 

i finally got written confirmation from the Social about my Benefit payments and how much i am getting - also that it will increase slightly in April, good.   i rang up the Payments section to find out just when it is going to hit my account as i am BROKE.  Should be tomorrow, they said - cool, groceries on Thursday!   And hopefully, when the Housing comes through, my overdraft will be a lot less and i will be a lot happier.

Waiting on Lynnie to let me know how she got on with the laptop and her new part-time job...  Hold it! that's the phone!
Well, i am happy to report her IT man now has her new hard-drive and has put it in and is now testing it and will restore all her stuff asap.   His problem has been having to switch to a new supplier and they were late delivering too...  This is his problem and will not be passed on to Lynnie.   He hopes to have it back to her in a couple of days - he said that last time, but at least he has the 'drive now.   But as i said to her, this is at least light at the end of the tunnel.   Poor love, she is so bored, she has even started reading mother-in-laws crappy magazines!  This boredom problem naturally led to discussing her crazy cat and she reckons he may be going deaf, that he doesn't mind the noise of the vacuum cleaner!  She said she will have to get him a hearing aid!   ONLY Lynnie could have a demented cat with a hearing aid!!!!  LOL
The job is ok but seeing as she is more qualified than some of the other catering personnel there, she will have to watch them trying to get her doing more there than she actually wants to - sounds odd i know but why would she want to go back to doing what she was so keen to leave?   i'm sure she will keep them at bay and hope she doesn't have too many problems!

It's Bex's birthday today and i must send her the little gift i have for her...  just waiting on some cash...  It is her 21st after all - Happy Birthday, Bexie Boo!!!

Right, it is food time now, so goodnight from me!   Take Very Good Care of yourselves!


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 23rd, 2007 10:53 pm (UTC)
Hey Babe!
She has been doing two cleaning jobs for a while now as the sign job laid them off but she hated the day one [so did i, they had her working Christmas & New Year, the bastards!]

i second the cleanest house vote! poor love...

Yes, i don't like sweeping statements that down-play someone's pleasure - especially from the moderators... the syncophants agree and make it worse... and when i realised it was Lynnie's question, it made me mad! She waited 9 MONTHS for that answer...

love yah, babe!
Jan. 23rd, 2007 09:36 pm (UTC)
Have I missed out a whole thing about Lynnie's job? What happened to her other job?????
Jan. 23rd, 2007 11:01 pm (UTC)
Lynnie didn't make a fuss about the sign job folding [reorganisation in the company that owned her division], it isn't her way and it upset her 'cos she liked it. i'm hoping there will be a place for her back there soon, as a reshuffle took place and probably will do again...
In the meantime, she was going crazy with nothing to do and took some temporary work to fill in, is all...
You're a sweetie to care, petal!
Jan. 24th, 2007 06:50 am (UTC)
Oh I'm really sorry to hear that - can you pass that on to her? I know how much she was enjoying that job. I'll keep my fingers crossed there's a place for her again when they reshuffle.
Jan. 24th, 2007 10:26 am (UTC)
i will and join you in the crossing everything bit.... She loved working there.

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