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Friday, 8th November 2013


Yesterday, i had a root-canal done under a crown as it had been troubling me for some time.  When my slightly heavy-handed dentist replaced the crown post a while back, he pushed too hard and split the root.  To cut a long and boring story short, several antibiotic prescriptions later [to cut infections], i said DO SOMETHING.  It turned out to be the sort of extraction of fabled myth!

i joked with the Dentist about having lots of anaesthetic injections once, that weren't working as i had an abscess under a tooth [which simply absorbed it all] - boy, talk about jinxing myself!  Two shots went in, sat around & let them work - back into the surgery - no, can still feel that.  He wound up putting 6 or 7 more, trying to deaden the root, to the extent i had to get him to stop and let me rinse my mouth & throat as the anaesthetic was going down and starting to work on the side of my throat!  It also tasted VILE.  Several heaves with his pliers, drilling and more heaves - interspersed with the shots - and some considerable pain later, he got out both sides of the split root.  He had to be careful of the crown behind it, which didn't help. And yes, not an abscess but a damn CYST [we examined the bloody shards together and i could see it], absorbing the anaesthetic. Arrrrrrrgh! Boy, was i glad when it was all done!  i hates him...

i'm to let it heal for 8 weeks! So it'll be January before he'll take impressions and i'll get a bottom plate; he plans to give me a couple of teeth at the back on the other side, which will give me some chewing action. i'm rather concerned about that as anything in my mouth makes me gag - even the cotton wadding over the extraction, a couple of times. *sigh* Such are the problems of getting old, m'dears, and trying to keep your teeth as long as possible!

i had to go into town after the dentist as the left lens of my bifocals kept popping out. They replaced the screw; so far, so good. Weird feeling, world slightly out of focus, trying not to gag on the cotton wad. i did get some more of the Lakelands freezer bags i wanted too. We have a good shop here.

Today, i went to view and attend the re-opening of the Lord Byron Ward at Brookfield Hospital in the afternoon, representing the patients group that i rep [our Chair couldn't make it] but as i'm local, i thought it more pertinent that i go anyway. It's a non A&E hospital, but has several clinics and physio facilities and is just down the road from where i live. It needed more staff and refurbing; it's been very nicely done and upgraded to what i consider private-clinic standard. LBW is a 20-room rehabilitation ward, post leaving various hospitals after surgeries, etc.

i used to live just over the fence from them and could see the new flats that have replaced the old Court. Must take my camera down there.


My kitchen was starting - well, actually did look like a dumping ground. i needed to wash dishes and the all oven pans, then clean my two fans before i put them away for the winter. i'd washed the crystal vase the day before, when i threw out the flowers. Those lime green crysanths? They lasted for so many weeks that i only threw them out when they started to turn brown from the bottom up.

Love spider crysanths. Saw some gorgeous white pompoms when i flipped through the market on Tuesday [i resisted! but it was a close thing!].

Anyway, hauled butt into the kitchen and set to [i'm SO lazy]. i even washed the microwave plate. i wish i could report a glow of satisfaction, along with the back pain, but i knocked over the base of the small fan and cracked the plastic casing over the motor. It still works fine, thanks be, but it won't stop oscillating now; i broke the pull-up knob. i guess it's better than not moving. The other fan is a big floor-standing one that lives in the bedroom. i put plastic storage bags over them.

Now all clean and only the floor to wash tomorrow, along with the rest of the flat. It was vacced earlier in the week.

Isn't all this exciting?? i bet you wish you'd never asked me now, what i do with my time, eh? :)

i am seriously considering getting a cleaner in to do some dusting and the floors; my back and hips are really starting to protest a little more than i'd like. Thank the gods for DLA! It won't be cheap but it could be worth it. i'm only concerned about letting a stranger into my house.

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love Tom Hiddleston...
Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!
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