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Monday, 2nd December 2013

i went to the practice nurse for another blood test today and she says, 'Have you eaten today?'   Yes, ses i, i have to so i can take the metformin.  Oh, she says, it should be a fasting test. *At this time of day?? Not likely, THEY are always early, to catch the courier*  Ignoring rising anger, i said, 'i queried that time [11.05am] when i booked and the receptionist said, no fasting requested.  So i went along with it.  It really should be a fasting one, ses the Implacable One.  i take the useless form she gives me, to bring back next time and stomp out, pretty much ignoring her apologies.  Not her fault.  The receptionist [not the same one] adds her apologies, and tells me the computer has wiped my meds list... They have to re-input it all, and the automatic check-in is broken - not doing too well, are they?  So we do the song & dance and re-book the blood test, adding another Dr's appointment while we're at it...  i'll be 66 when i see her, as it's two days after my birthday.  GRRRRRRR
i have a new prescription for blood pressure, but can't really complain about that as it the first modification since i started taking lisinopril.  Such are the trials & tribs of getting old, folks!
Get home to a note from the Postie [can't be my usual one], package to big for letterbox - go online and request redelivery asap, Wednesday. Usual postie will leave such parcels in the meter cupboard. Could be the job lot candles i ordered on Ebay...  we'll see.  i'm off out for Council drinkies @ 4.30pm that day, but he should bring it before that.  The Council do this pretty much every year, though i'm surprised i'm still on their invite list since i cut back on my participation on a lot of their string of committees.  i only do one Council housing resident meeting now.  It's SO incestuous with all the same people going to all the same meetings - and ultimately, pretty much a waste of time.  The week does end well with Mark coming over for dinner and An Evening of Burlesque at the Corn Exchange on Saturday.  It wasn't really advertised well and i nearly missed it, AND it was pretty well-booked by then, but got disabled seats.  i'm thinking we'll leave Mark's car [i presume he will come by car; train times can be dicky late pm] where we have dinner.  The Leisure Centre has good parking usually and we can taxi in & out more easily than using the nearest parking in the city centre.  i can share travel costs that way too.
i have the new blood test the following Monday [08.05am get up middle of the bloody night to get there!], gas boiler inspection PM/Wednesday, the new Hobbit movie on Friday and i'm taking myself out for dinner at Jamie's on the Sunday, as it's my birthday.  What an exciting life i lead... Suits me just fine, plenty of time to do what i WANT to do.
Wonderful detail on the fossil fish; a great old Resonator guitar [courtesy of Mike Wolfe, American Picker extraordinaire]; great shot of Robert Redford doing the Electric Horseman and Catherine Zeta-Jones showing the amateur how.  Love the casual shots on set of Harrison Ford, James Dean and Donald Sutherland, Robert Mitchum and the one and only Gypsy Rose Lee.  She was a driving force in getting protection and appropriate pay for juvenile performers - not many people know that!  A unique and talented woman.  That shot of her is from 1936.
Bz-Elephant-Rides-1986WEBc3ff450c-3bc0-11e3-967f-8e5a4b1d4d3e Resonator-Guitar_C_1024x1024 Electric Horseman, Robert RedfordCZJ showing how it's done Harrison Ford on set 1977
James Dean on set of 'Giant' 1955 Donald Sutherland
Robert Mitchum, Ryan's Daughter Alfred Eisenstaedt, Burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee adjusts her lipstick, New York, 1936


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Dec. 8th, 2013 05:57 pm (UTC)
I don't like looking at Catherine Zeta Jones "A million dollars might be a lot of money to some people but not to us" grrrr but the rest of the photos are fab. Fave is the fish. I like your posts, they remind of of Frances Partridge's diaries.
Dec. 8th, 2013 08:19 pm (UTC)
Flattering to be compared to such a prolific diarist, though i can't say i have read anything of hers :D
Dec. 8th, 2013 09:04 pm (UTC)
I got a brand new hardback on the carboot for pennies and once I'd read it I was hooked! Got the rest for next to nothing on ebay, I'm working my way through... :)
Dec. 9th, 2013 01:17 pm (UTC)
Hmm, will see if she's in the library...and check her out
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