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'What are you reading?'

Took this from Kazzy Cee - thank you, petal!  i'm always interested in books and who is reading what...  i tend to read more when it's colder, wetter or simply 'orrible weather that i don't want to go out in.  i did venture out briefly after lunch, as i'd seen some knitting pieces, oh, what do they call it?! Got it, Yarn Bombing, on the railway bridge railings at Mill Road, which i wanted to photograph.  And i needed to get out for a breath, which i did.  Just a quick trip up to the Grafton and have a look at the sales.  Not much drew me to be honest but i did see a couple of cushions, the 40x40cm ones, that i fell in love with - normally £40 - would you believe! - marked down to £15.99, i mean, what would you??  Hadn't had lunch, so i had a pretty good Cumberland sausage in a bun, with tomato relish and a dab of BBQ sauce [bit sweet but ok], while i had a look at the fruit & veg stall outside, trying to decide on what dinner was going to be.  Then i went home.



What i've just finished reading:

i was recommended to Frances Partridge's diaries and borrowed some of them from the Library. Interesting and if you are into a view of a world very few of us will have ever known, never mind experienced, i'm sure you would find it fascinating. You need to know about the people who populated her world and the Bloomsbury set of writers & artists or you will be reduced to reading simply Frances' outlook on her friends and with whom she & her husband had lunch, dinner or such meetings. i was interested to see how she coped with the death of her husband and her son, three years later. A truly devastating blow to anyone. The fact that she survived it is an amazing thing and i take my hat off to her.

I re-read Janet Evanovich's 'Smokin' Seventeen', before catching up on 'Explosive Eighteen' and 'Notorious Nineteen'. Twenty will be released soon.

I was fascinated by some of the accounts of the American Pioneer women: 'Slave of the Sioux - The Fanny Kelly Captivity Narrative 1864' told by her, Emeline L. Fuller's 'Left by the Indians: My Life Story' and 'Across the Plains in 1844' by Catherine Sagar. All of these last stories are available on Kindle.

In-between, or rather in adjunct to all that, i re-read my way back through J.D. Robb's 'In Death' series, as my bedside-table-in-bed reading, an enjoyed book/s is a good way to ease you into sleep; always useful to an insomniac! i do tend to read 2 or 3 three books at once...mea culpa

What i am reading now:

'Home Improvements: the Undead Edition', short stories edited by Charlaine Harris [also on Kindle], 'The Witness' by Nora Roberts [though i'm not a big fan on her romances] and catching up on my various magazines, which i have neglected shamefully. i had several subscriptions but have let most of them lapse and will only keep up with 'Vogue', 'Making' [just for a year] and the TV Satellite mag this year, i think. i don't get that much time to read them. i usually take all readable matter to the Library, when i'm done with it.

What i'm reading next:

Michael Connelly's The Black Box', 'Ever, Dirk' : Dirk Bogarde's letters, George Takei's 'Oh Myyy! (There goes the Internet), 'The Lost Symbol: Robert Langdon Book 3' by Dan Brown and a whole PILE more of books much too long to mention!!