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Saturday, 8th February 2014

Hello 'dere!
i've had a domestic week, clearing up debris, getting rid of old toaster/blow heater & up-lighter [cost me £28!], side-cabinet to Sallys and setting-to in the kitchen making a LARGE batch of cauliflower & leek soup and some meatballs [about 40 little ones], some of which i had in home-made tomato sauce with spaghetti that night. The rest is in the freezer in meal-sized lots; nine of the soup! Today, i set my face to the bedroom and did a complete dust of all bookcases, etc and tidy-up.  i think i'm spring-cleaning early!
i tried out a box of Abel & Cole's veggies, organic and Heritage tomatoes!  So flavourful and yummy in my fried tomato and crispy bacon sandwich yesterday - quite my favourite breakfast/brunch, along side pancakes, bacon & maple syrup.  *drools*
Blowing a gale here today, sunshine & rain; can't make it's mind up!  i was going out if it stayed fair but don't know that i will now... :)   Lots of 'horrid' on it's way Monday onwards 'they' say.  Which is the day i'm supposed to go to see Dr Shivani, of course!  Don't have to go out again until the next Dental appointment, fitting new bottom bridge hopefully.  When the Dentist saw me putting the fixative on my top bridge, he looked...not sure what, but he's put clips on new one.  He says i won't have to use the gloop to fix it in.  i'm just hoping the front tooth won't dig into my gum in the final piece.  It's too long. Ugh - and no, it's not something i'd get used to, unless i want a permanently sore and possibly bleeding gum, of course.  Who wouldn't look forward to that??  *snorts*
i booked myself a ticket to see 'Only Lovers Left Alive' [Tilda Swinton & Tom Hiddleston] on Valentines night, and i do mean night - 10.30pm start!  Couldn't resist Tom as a vampire...with long hair!  i bought 'Deep Blue Sea' [where he was simply adorable] and 'Archipelago', equally adorable but the sort of film that makes you wonder why anybody bothered to make it; very 'arty'.  Completely odd and dysfunctional mother, son & daughter gathering together in a Tresco holiday house before son goes off to do good work [something to do with HIV] in Africa.  He's tormented as to whether he should go or not, but it takes quite a while until that surfaces.  His sister is a controlling and manipulative bitch, her mother is acrimoniously separated from her husband and shouts at him over the phone.  Sister also talks on the phone to ? friend/boyfriend?  They all talk to a local painter, who spouts the kind of psychological mumbo-jumbo that drives me insane, even when he is talking about painting!!  Mother & sister have a out-of-sight shouting match, which upsets the son to the extent that he curls up on his bed in misery.  He talks more and more to the girl who lives in to cook for them, but i think he starts to distract her, almost to annoyance, because he doesn't like her looking after them.  His mother & sister say to him that she is doing a job but he wants to help with the washing up and stuff.  She doesn't need or want him to and makes her uncomfortable.  Nothing is resolved at the end of the film, which is quite abrupt.  i felt son would to Africa, he'd said he would and i thought that he couldn't think of a good reason not to.  What was notable was the absence of music until the acapella song over the credits.  This is for TH fanatics only!
Catching up on some k.d. lang; lots of cheap cds on Amazon.  Gad, i love that voice.  Her version of Roy Orbison's 'Crying' just rips my heart out.  'Barefoot' is the most glorious love-song and her top-note howl is amazing...and raises goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck.
Some piccies for yah!  Remember French knitting?  Love the crotchet dragon; might try and do that make-up for the Con; adore Grandmother's Coat; the painted steps are in Istanbul; love those cat's eyes, who doesn't know what to make of the fox sculpture! How haven't i ever heard of the Chinese Mitten Crab; they've been over here since 1939!  Love how Stupid is sitting on Lil's head.
31VdNwqYouL 47db655a51f00f28867b537fa8eca19e
1511305_623772327686024_2129607890_nGrandmother-s coat heller klein, Alice WellingerIstanbul - photo, Gurol Demirutku
scott radke 02


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Feb. 10th, 2014 08:54 pm (UTC)
Stuff! Costs you when you get it, then costs you again to get rid!

Love all the photographs but the teeth claws freak me out. :D
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