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And it's Tuesday, 11th February 2014

The Council gardeners came yesterday and gave our garden and the front walk a good going over, cutting back the overhanging greenery or 'brownery' in this case!  Looks SO much better.  i cut back the buddlia [sp?] out by my back door some weeks ago, as i couldn't stand it's bedraggled state any longer; they've taken it all away :)  Still waiting for one of the Tree Men to come and look at the second dead tree [many months now].
My trapped thumbnail has come away finally, leaving the mangled nail underneath to grow out now.  Looks weird, poor nail-bed...
Trying to get in to see Dr S this week.  i got through too late to book yesterday [she's only here 2 days a week] but managed today.  Due to the Govt strangling the NHS, we don't have enough doctors now.  Well done, guys.  We should be throwing money at it, not looking for ways to cut back.  It's absolute bloody madness - *gets off soapbox hastily*  Need to do another monitor of blood pressure next week and take some more glicazade, oh joy, but other than that she's fairly happy with me.
Must get haircut!  Getting down onto shoulders now; rang hairdresser.

This song is an appropriate reflection of our sorry state too.  Check out the date at the end.

The Merry Minuet

There's rioting in Africa, [cheerful whistling],

They're starving in Spain, [more cheerful whistling],

There's hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain.

The whole world is festering with unhappy souls,

the French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles,

Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch,

And I don't like anybody very much!

But we can be tranquil and thankfil and proud,

For man is endowed with the Mushroom-Shaped Cloud,

And we know for certain that some lovely day

Someone will set the spark off and [laughing] we will all be blown away!

They're rioting in Africa, [more cheerful whistling]

There's strikes in Iran [whistling]

What nature doesn't do to us,

Will be done by our fellow man! [nasty twang]

By Sheldon Harnick - sung by Kingston Trio - 1959