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Saturday, 29th March 2014

i've been AWOL for a while, haven't i?  Been out and about some and doing the odd meeting here and there.  Doesn't excuse me, but life occasionally takes over and you go with the flow...  i have to door open onto the garden today, fine and mild; maybe Summer will be here soon as the clocks go forward tonight.  Must remember that as i have a grocery delivery tomorrow morning.
Well, since i wrote last i did exciting things like buy waste caddy bags, get groceries delivered, have blood tests and get my blood pressure checked [increased meds].  i got so sick of Tesco leaving stuff off my order, i decided to try out Sainsburys.  Yes, they are more expensive but not by a lot and they do have some of the more unusual stuff Tesco doesn't.  The website could do with being made simpler but once you get used to it, i guess it's not so bad.
Took a friend out for her birthday at Jamie's, always good and they wrote Happy Birthday on her dessert plate, which pleased us both.  There was a Vintage Fair at the Guildhall, which was mainly clothes with the occasional jewellery stall, not a lot going cheap, mind you, and you had to pay £2 to get in.  i took my scooter in, just made it round, so not brilliant for wheelchairs either. Didn't stay long.  Day wasn't totally wasted as i had a hamburger for lunch and bought some more terrific fake flowers from Tiger, at very cheap prices - even the big waterlilies were only £2 each.
On the bad, my old friend has been ill and got so dehydrated, his doctor sent him to A&E - and they promptly admitted him for 24 hours to get a drip in his arm.  He says he feel as though he has the 'flu but nobody has it for 3 weeks.  Now he thinks he really does have it and has got some antibiotics.  We'll see how he gets on now.  Hopefully he will feel better soon.  He has various medical problems but doesn't think they have a bearing on this.  He wasn't up to coming over to see Lissie [Canadian singer, rather folky rock & roll, kinda like Stevie Nicks, only more legible!] and asked Anna at short notice [yes, she could make it and was happy to come].  Lissie's band was pretty good though and worth the effort.
The Post got very erratic for a while with deliveries as late as 6PM, which was startling.  Normal deliveries are around 11AM; Parcel Post is a law unto itself, of course...that didn't change.  They come whenever they feel like it.
i went into cooking-mode last week and made two batches of soup, cauliflower and roast tomato; more of the former as the tomato was a new recipe and i didn't make as much.  i made beef stew yesterday, with just about every veg in the fridge [good clear out!] and lots of good stock and half a bottle of red wine.  i had enough to freeze two big batches and have some for dinner with plain boiled spuds, and very nice it was too.  i've invested in a new 3.5 litre slow-cooker too, which arrived yesterday. i might do some chicken curry or a pork dish as a tester tomorrow.
i've indulged in some new shower curtains, extra long, as you should change them every three years - as in 'throw them out and get new ones' change.  It is a lot healthier, especially in hard water areas.  To get 220cm or longer drops, you have to buy them online but they're not very expensive luckily.  Not cheap but not bad.
i went to see the 'Circus of Horrors', which isn't very horrific but weird and freaky, and LOUD.  They have a young band that tried to blow the roof off the Guildhall!  It did restrict how much applause the performers could hear and i just waited until the end of the acts or a quiet bit.  Good acts; aerialists, tumblers & acrobats and fake bloody happenings, and a dwarf who kept flashing an uncircumcised brown cock and hairy balls - not really my cup of tea! His act consisted of lifting weights with said cock and dragging a Henry vac around the stage with it. Different...
Still doing the odd meeting here and there, Green Inspectors, City Homes and CATCH [monitoring the NHS changes], but i've cut back on the rest.  i just don't have the energy or the interest, to be honest.  There just so much officialese bullshit, i can take.
Finally got to see 'War Horse'.  Okay, it wasn't in the actual theatre but a film of an actual performance.  That'll do me.  The war parts were quite dramatic on screen and must have been a real mind blower in person.  Sentimental story, a little too much really, but that is how it is written - what really lifted this from a rather mediocre play to something special was the horse puppetry.  This was terrific and well worth the time, effort and money.  i would go just to watch the horses - forget the rest.  Machine guns and modern weapons spelled the end of the cavalry and the beginning of mass killing on a scale not seen before, very depressing.  The play tries for an up-beat ending, with the boy and his horse going home but for me, only emphasized the dreadful waste and futility of war.
Sorry i can't end the week on a more happy ending - well, watching Monty Don on Gardeners' World does it for me!  i adore that man.
And as i said, it's a nice, sunny and mild day today.  :D

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