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Saturday, 24th May 2014

First off - does anybody else HATE this new format??
So heigh ho, weekend again and another long one for the workers.  Doesn't make much difference to the retired, have to say.  It only delays some shops or Post Office openings.  Mind you, most retail shops will be open for business as many people, who haven't gone away somewhere, will go window shopping for something to do.  The arcades do the best business if it's wet, but if it's fine, open air markets and side-walk cafes do well.
i've never liked picnics or al-fresco-dining personally.  Don't like sitting on grass or sharing my food with the wildlife...  You need shade and seating off the ground to be comfortable [especially for those of us who can't get up easily] and short of suitable trees or lugging a very large umbrella, you are courting disaster if it decides to rain.  And as for sitting under trees - y'all remember the film 'Arachnophobia', when they smoked the area and all those HUNDREDS of bugs etc fell down?  *shudders*
i do love street markets however, and will happily go to any, food or craft.  Even if the produce is more expensive than the supermarkets, you get to meet the producers and taste new products.  Love the cheese stalls... always wind up buying some, even if it is over £2 for 100gms - who buys 100gms? Same for the craft fairs, not cheap but a lot more variety in some things.  Sunday is a great craft market in Cambridge; Saturday too, if it is fine, at All Saints.
i've had to refresh my dried herbs & spices, after i went looking for my dried chilli powder and cayanne and couldn't find any!  Shock to the system!  i always have a shelf full and i guess it's been a while since i made chilli or home-made curry.  My curries can be hit & miss and i can't make a Malaysian curry anyway, though i try sometimes.  i have lots of good Indian restaurants close by and down at the Leisure Centre there is an-all-you-can-eat really good one called Moza, which is only 15-20 minutes away by scooter, AND not only is it open for lunch and dinner but only £13-14 , depending on a drink too.  So really, why would i bother, y'know?
http://elitedaily.com/news/technology/need-convincing-solar-roadways-worth-funding-video-will-help/604220/  This is such a brilliant idea, wonder how much it costs?  i think it would pay for itself very quickly.
And some pictures... Have you seen this new comic strip on the Pope?  Now i've seen everything! Seascape by Joe Rea, lovely shop in Barcelona, street art comment on McD's!  Apartments in Russia [aren't you glad you don't live there?!], wonderful craft sardines on toast.  Love the Mondrian door...  Kate Elson's fab little sea houses
by Joe Rea
apartment in Russia
72617541 10271550_10152306952615502_3806764517769755304_n
1461840_585476564821216_544479038_n 2012_54144_153664cw140518Kirsty Elson designs 015
Kirsty Elson designs 01anq140521


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May. 24th, 2014 04:13 pm (UTC)
I adore that seascape!!! Not a fan of outside eating either - flies and wasps - no thanks!!
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