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Monday, 16th June 2014

We've had a week of blue skies, hot days and very little rain.  Yesterday, the wind picked up and it clouded over and we had some rain overnight.  This morning, still windy, very grey and muggy, if you close the windows.  i have the door onto the garden open, not a lot of flies in this sort of weather.  i HATE flies.
i have two external switches outside the bathroom to switch on the electric shower, one for the heater and one for the power [before you use the controls of the actual shower].  The power switch hasn't depressed all the way in, although the light has gone off.  It hasn't 'clicked'; so uncertain if it has gone all the way 'off'.  Monday is always a busy phone day trying to get through to the City Council, but i rang at 2pm, thinking the rush would have gone but i was put on hold for over 2 minutes, before i gave up and went through online and reported it there instead.  Lets see how quickly they respond.  It not an emergency, per se - that i know of - but it makes me uneasy.  Do i leave it as 'off' as i can or do i leave it on? i don't really like electricity.
Something for everyone in pictures from wooden lobsters to knitted fish...  Have a good week!
IMG_7466 Happy birthday banner
10419068_796701107015600_6069593902291948430_n 10371534_789835977702113_4562736775465951936_n
10363104_651561238249989_8358220796621775594_n 58a6d27ba0d99aa36523772574fcb5fc
10004057_823285721022547_550968240370890818_n 115371
hm140611 hm140610
hm140605 Pickled-DNA-by-Louis-Thom-008
made by Miriam Hirt
sarah young
knitted fish by Kate Jenkins


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Jul. 1st, 2014 10:41 pm (UTC)
---- i HATE flies.---- Agh they are my Room 101 with cockroaches ::shudders::

Fabulous pictures...
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