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Friday, 20th June 2014

Friday again, lucky people!  Fine but overcast.  It's been a week of it, with clearer skies in the afternoons and ending up with some quite pretty evenings.  It's supposed to be a sunny day tomorrow, but i'll believe it when i see it!
It's been repair & maintenance week, starting off with the shower power switch that wouldn't turn off properly.  i had to leave a message as the phone lines were just jammed, even at 2pm, on Monday.  The electrician was arranged for Wednesday but the depot rang on Tuesday and said the man had finished his allocation and was free, could he come now-ish?  Sure, come ahead and he arrived pretty promptly, tested at the switch and it wouldn't turn off at all for him!  i'll be back he said and very shortly after, came back and fitted a new one.  Great stuff.
Three maintenance painters inspected and visited on Monday, smiled & waved and left a note in the letterbox saying they'd paint on Tuesday, never turned up and the young painter duly turned up on Wednesday.  Even though the front door really didn't need repainting, it was in his brief, so he put on the primer and offered me a choice of colours [i chose blue], before coming round to paint the garden door [which did need a touch up].  Apparently, only the front had been painted last time.  Nice boy, all of 22 and fairly easy on the eye... Got the primer on, top coat tomorrow, he said.  Not sure if it was just the amount of painting he had to do or if he was interrupted a  lot, but he didn't make it back until about 11am today.  i want to go out later, so we discussed the order of what he had to do and he finished off the back first.  He has a bit to do on the front, so he will do my actual front door, then do the 2 cupboard doors later.  It doesn't matter if they are left ajar.  Luckily, it's warm today and will dry quickly.
i didn't win the 3 quilts in the Cheffins sale, was expecting that but you never know.  i only bid the top end of the estimate at £150, which is fine if nobody else wants them but they must have some interest as they went for £220.  i must go to one of the auctions one day.  i suspect it's safer to leave a commission bid!  The sale had so many items, it took 2 days to sell it all. Over 1100 and a right mixed bag; jewellery, porcelain, masses of paintings and quite a bit of furniture.
Right, must go and look for my hat.  i have a nasty feeling i left it in Jamie's last week.  Must ring up and find out.
Have a terrific weekend!


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Jul. 1st, 2014 10:43 pm (UTC)
Luv the post as usual, I'm playing catch-up at the minute. No more posts after this, I hope you're well.
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