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Saturday, 16th August 2014

Gad, i have been SO LAZY recently.  *recently? that's a laugh!*  It took me a long time to get back to 100% after my not-being-well & fall and i was so tired all the time.  i still tire much too easily and although i'm keeping up or down, with the size of meals i eat [not very big], my appetite definitely is not what it was.  i guess that is kinda okay but i miss the sheer pleasure of really good food.  It probably says a lot about my diminishing abilities in cooking! i used to love giving dinner parties and spending the day cooking for one, as i loved to cook.  There's very few things more satisfying than watching people enjoying eating your food.  i can truthfully say i've had dishes run out before i got a look in!  Ah, those were the days. Now i have a stool in the kitchen so i can sit down to do the prep, washing-up and even during cooking sometimes.  They say don't look back, but i say, look back to the days and time that made you happy.  There's nothing wrong with that; just don't dwell on the nasties and the sad stuff, there's enough of that in the present!

i was happy to shell out to get my little Aerolite scooter fixed [the company is so trusting {?}, i'm still waiting for the invoice] and that makes me happy.  i can take it in taxis & trains so much easier than my big Colt, and it's really much better for indoor events.  It was a doddle at the Homemade Fair and i was able to put the Aerolite in the bus luggage area.  Couldn't do that with the Colt, which would be a nightmare in small spaces like hotel corridors and doorways.  It was a major production to take the Colt to the hospital last time and waiting for a suitable vehicle to take me home - a 45 minute wait! *my driver tut-tutted that i had to wait so long*  So did i!

i have to go back to the Cardiac Unit, as Dr Martin wants me to wear one of those 12-hour heart monitors.  He wants to make sure my blood pressure doesn't rise or fall excessively.  We're still trying to figure out what made me fall. At least it wasn't a TIS/minor stroke, but what was it?  I may never know but i'd like to, so i can avoid whatever caused it, you know?  i'm happy enough to go back, even if it does cost me around £10 a trip [with taxi vouchers].  Yes, i could go for free on the local bus, but there's nowhere to store the Aerolite.  Yes, there's spaces for wheelchairs on a lot of the buses [but not all of them] and the mothers with prams take up spaces too - and don't they glare daggers when they're full!!  Honestly, young mothers seem to think the world should rush to help them no matter where or why.  i frequently want to slap them when the babies whine, scream & cry.  No, seriously, no child should be allowed to do that and as babies or small kids, we never did.  Their mothers need proper training.  Silly cows... Think about it - there's nothing nicer that a quiet well-behaved baby/child and only equaled with smelly drunks for screeching annoyance!  No, i don't like babies or children and tolerate the good ones.  *and that includes their mothers!*
Where was i, before i went off on one?!
Oh yes, taking the Aerolite to hospital.  i will never willingly try to make it anywhere on foot in Addenbrookes.  It's such an extensive place, it can take you a long time to get from one end to the other - 'down the corridor, on your right' he said - bloody idiot - almost the entire length of the building!  i'm so sorry i didn't get his name or get to give him a slap.  The TIS dept is a goodly way into the depth of the building, not sign-posted very well and you actually have to cross a small garden [!] to get to the right building. It was quite amusing that you were tested in stages at the Clinic. First, one nurse double checks your details, takes your blood pressure etc.  Return to waiting room, actually a bump off the corridor as most of them are.  Next, another lady does an ultrasound of the carotid arteries in your neck; there's a print-out, but you can actually hear your blood whooshing away. Fascinating! She says i'm good. Back to waiting room. There's a few waiting with me and we smile at each other, sharing drinks of nice cold water.  It's warm and my mouth's as dry as a board.  Finally, i'm summoned into the Inner Chamber.  Dr Martin is a nice-looking and pleasant man, who checks my reflexes and makes sure i can feel my legs and feet properly.  He checks over the information they've gathered and asks some questions and i tell him all that went on, then we're pretty much done. i have to come back to have the 24-hour monitor fitted.  He doesn't say when, and i'm still waiting to hear.  It's over a week now. Typical clinic delay; overcrowding, understaffed and not in any particular hurry.  i'm not urgent.
More blood tests for my GP.  Didn't have to fast, good-oh.  Went for a sight test @ SpecSavers and have picked out two new frames for my bifocals and computer glasses.  My 'readers' are fine.  i'll be glad to get rid of these bifocals; they're clunky and collect dirt in the nose-band.  Funny, i nearly always have gold or silver frames.  Guess they are the ones that disappear the most, given you can't get totally clear ones.  It made me smile when i saw one of the optical assistants go by with a pair of yellow frames and i grinned and said, you'd have to be twelve to wear those and she laughed.  i saw the 'twelve year old' wear them out of the shop - an adult male!  i had to laugh. So, even with the NHS voucher, free sight test and the two-for-one on £69 frames, almost-free reactive lenses on my bi-focals [don't need them inside], it still cost me nearly £87 with VAT.  i can't remember, do we get free glasses on the dole? It'd be counter productive if you can't see properly, wouldn't it?  At least you have a three-month guarantee to fix any problems. i've found if you have any problems even over that time, they will sort it for you.  i've been going to SpecSavers for many years now, they're good and have many money-saving offers.  They have a lot of two-for-one pricings.  i get to pick up new glasses Saturday next.
So i'm just about done.  Sad week with Robin Williams & Lauren Bacall gone.  Sick to death of all this poor-little-Gaza crap - they started it, Stupid People!  Don't prod a predator and expect to get away with it - have you learned nothing about Israel by now??
The latest buzz-word is 'selfie' and i'm sick of that too, aren't i, Stupid?


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Aug. 17th, 2014 07:26 am (UTC)
Fab post. A lot of sense which I totally agree with word for word and then a jolly good laugh at the end.
Aug. 17th, 2014 10:46 am (UTC)
:D You're too kind!
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