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Sunday, 5th October 2014

Sunday; quiet day, quieter than usual as i did damn all.  i did do 3 loads of washing yesterday, washed hair, washed dishes.  What you could call a wet day and it rained!  Definitely getting cooler.  Friday night, i went with a friend to see Michael Palin at the Corn Exchange, funny man and he spoke well. No ums or ahs, always a pleasure.  i had dinner at Jamie's beforehand and had the delicious porchetta [slow roasted belly pork], super yum.
This served as a nice counter-point to my blood pressure check-up in the afternoon; it's still a bit too high and i'm to see the Doctor again 6.30pm on Monday evening. Doctor S has a late surgery which is handy.  i'm not sure where we go from here.  Various people have suggested helpful remedies, magnesium, sage tea and various.  i already pee frequently being a diabetic, so don't need a diuretic.  Well, we'll see what she suggests.

The Fresher Outdoor Fair is on on Tuesday [University Students thing] and i have an executive meeting on Thursday afternoon.
i'm off to the 'Time of Angels' con at Heathrow on Friday, coming back Monday - Gold ticket bought, Hotel booked [Radisson Blu, new to me; VERY good con rate] and National Express bus return booked & paid for.  Very handy the last, as it takes me from here to there directly in about 3 hours. You do need to be there on the dot; they don't wait!  i have heard the Hotel isn't very disabled friendly, so we may need to whip them into shape, eh??!
i need cash for taxis & the Hoppa buses - and photo ops, of course.  Wish they'd do credit cards, as i don't like carrying large amounts of cash. Anyway that, apart from the Hotel bill, should be my biggest expense for the weekend.  i want a trio photo with the Paternosta Gang, singles with Arthur Darvill, Jemma Redgrave and possibly Peter Ferdinando [the Clockwork Man].  It'll be £20 for Arthur and probably £15? for the others, dunno what the Trio one will be - i'm guessing they'll have one - maybe £45-50?  It's hard to budget when they don't tell you how much until you are practically there.

Smallish Tesco delivery tomorrow morning, bearing in mind i shall be away Friday to Monday, but i need coffee and veggies... *sigh*  Life goes on.
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Oct. 7th, 2014 09:30 pm (UTC)
Luv Arthur Darvill, luv Michael Palin, luv your icon, luv pork bellies, luv those tiles, hate blood pressure. Excellent post as always, very interesting.
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