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Saturday, 8th November 2014

KazzyCee set me off to do the Book of Days meme, which is a good way to do catch up

Outside my window: i've been watching the doves try to eat from my new little bird feeder, which i bought for the little birds in my garden - it's not big enough for them and they have to confine themselves to the remains of the old one that is above the new one. Since the huge tree over the fence has gone, i'm always amazed at how much light there is now down at that end of the garden.

IMG_0003 (8)
My thoughts... i'm spending too much money...need to pay off my credit card. Then i see 'Vikings' Season 1 & 2 on offer for £30! Oh well, at least the credit charges are low. Which is more than i can say for my Home Direct account. THAT i must pay off ASAP. Always about the money, isn't it?


Today's Quote... can't think of one right now

I am thankful for... Being alive and mostly able to do my own 'thing' at my own speed and inclination. And the Cold Weather payment from the Pensions Service is on its way in the next few weeks. Thank you very much.

What I learned this week... my chemist is having a lot of trouble with their computer and the repair man just about lives there! Trouble is it is screwing around with the electronic prescriptions coming in from the surgeries. The Chemist is very good and gets it sorted as fast as he can. There's not a lot of wriggle-room in dispensing.

From the kitchen last week... i've been having problems with dizziness [new meds] and going from horizontal to vertical can make my head spin. i got quite off-put at the dentist and had to ask him to raise my head as i was starting to feel quite swimmy. This can have a knock-on effect when i stand for any length of time too. i have a high stool in the kitchen for prep-work and washing up, and it's handy to be able to sit to cook when i need to. Couple that with my love of Indian curry and you may note how familiar HungryHouse are with my address! My local Royal Spice restaurant are quick and the food is delicious. i can buy enough to make two meals out of my order, so quite economic too at around £9 a meal. i do still cook and often make enough to freeze batches of stews, spaghetti sauce, soup, etc. Then all i have to do is boil up some rice, potatoes or spaghetti while i microwave my topping.

I am creating (crafts, sewing etc)... Nothing at the moment but i've just downloaded a great pattern for some adorable little crotchet Christmas trees...

My adventures this week... (where are you going this week?)..
i've been to the dentist AGAIN as the damned crown keeps coming out! Put in some bids at my local auction house - got a new rug and two prints. Happy with that. This is 'After the Harvest'
And i finally got to see the 'other half' of 'Frankenstein' with Benedict Cumberbatch doing the Monster. i saw Jonny Lee Miller do it earlier in the year but missed out on BC's show. It's all from the Monster's point of view really, most unusual play. Thanks to the National Theatre, i've been able to see both of them. The Cumberbitches are going to hate me but i really think JLM is the better monster. BC isn't really suited to such a hugely physical role, i think, though he is capable enough but is much better as Dr F.

Becoming well read (What are you reading this week?).. i've been reading Grace Coddington's autobiography, or at least trying to, as i'm sorry to say she is rather boring and having looked at all the pictures, i've pretty much given up on her. i've got Cecil Beaton's diaries next and hope that will be more interesting. He was quite the bitch from what i've heard. i've also polished off two Michael Connellys, 'The Reversal' & the 'Fifth Witness'. i've got a bit behind on his books and three more to read before i can start the latest 'The Burning Room'!

i've 'Night Train to Jamalpur' by Andrew Martin, on my night stand at the moment, strange doings on the railways in 1923, but it's taking me so long to read it, as i've been falling into bed and not getting passed a page or two before i fall asleep! i'll have to bring it into the lounge to get on with it. i have my usual stack of books to read and have just added Billy Idol's autobiography, 'The Death of Sweet Mister' by Daniel Woodrell [the 'Winter Bone' man] and 'Kitty in the Underworld' by Carrie Vaughn! It's not surprising i suppose, that i frequently go to the book from a film i've seen and 'Winter Bone' with Jennifer Lawrence was so unusual and she was so good, that reading the book was a no-brainer. Woodrell seems to write pretty much exclusively about the Ozarks and lives close to the Arkansas line. Gad, i love my books!

I manifest and co-create (what are your hopes and dreams this week)... i wanted to go visit the poppies at the Tower but it's a major production to get myself there - i also wanted to buy one but they're all sold. Boo sucks.

Melody (what music are you listening to? even if it's just the sound of a bird).. i've had the Tallis Singers on today and yes, they mostly sing Thomas Tallis music. Marvellous blend of super voices, crystal clear and moving. i have such a catholic taste and can move from the classical to Billy Idol and Tony Head in a day. Then follow up on Leo Kottke, Black Veil Brides and the Capriccio Italian the next day. i have a full range of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, k d lang and Vaughn Williams.
My late sweet friend Maribeth put me on to Leo Kottke. Remarkable musician.

One of my favourite things... must be Indian curry, [closely followed by Jamie's Italian and Chinese food]. i also love going to vintage & homemade fairs and antique markets when i can.

Goals reached last week... i didn't have any goals set for last week. Just keep on living to the best of my ability, i guess, and make over 100!

Things that made my week this week... getting a couple of Shirley Vauvelle's ceramic fish, through a Norwich shop, the endearingly named Giggly Goat. Such a nice lady there.

Still life (share a picture you've taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)... there's nearly always one or two that do. The first are shots of the re-surfacing of Mill Road, Cambridge, at the top of my road and to the left. One 'before' where it has all been scraped down and the next two, the 'afters'.  Looks great.

And if i can find a shot of the Viking longboats - i want one!  Viking/Anglo Saxon blood runs on my father's side of the family.



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Nov. 9th, 2014 12:28 am (UTC)
Excellently interesting post as usual. I'm eager to read the Cecil Beaton but I had to Google Grace Coddington...it's weird how some people/things just pass my by...
Nov. 9th, 2014 02:19 pm (UTC)
You have to read or know about Vogue to know who Grace is and i didn't have a real clue until they made that programme about the September Issue. Fascinating look behind the scenes at the Vogue offices.
Nov. 9th, 2014 02:28 pm (UTC)
Nice memage. I like the little bird feeder thing - so nice to watch them from inside!
Nov. 12th, 2014 12:39 pm (UTC)
It is a lovely little feeder but my little birds are slow to catch on and since the rain, the seeds are spoiling... *sucky*
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