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Boxing Day: Friday, 26th December 2014

i've been really slack and not posted anything for ages, not that anyone will really care!
It's been my usual Christmas but i had a two-part Christmas dinner this year, starting on Christmas Eve.  i bought the smallest turkey crown i could find, still enough to make two generous meals for me.  i have a grocery delivery coming tomorrow at 1pm, but realised i didn't have any spuds. Horror! No roast tatties!  Or vegies, for that matter. i zipped up to the Co-op and bought one LARGE parsnip, three good-sized carrots and a tray of ready-prepared spuds in goose fat, already cut up and ready to pop into the oven in their little foil dish.  Perfect. The turkey was a ready basted one that you can cook from frozen [really handy for peeps like me], so i was all set.
Come 5pm, i put the turkey in, joined an hour later by the roasties.  i cut up the parsnip into small batons and cross-cut two carrots, par-boiling them for about 5 mins, before covering them in an oil/maple syrup mix and joining the oven, when i turned the roasties at half time.  i made some gravy with the veg water [doncha love Bisto gravy granules??] and all was ready on time and if i say so myself, it was delicious.  i ate half the meat & potatoes, but all the rest of the veg.  Christmas night, i cooked the left over carrot topped up with frozen peas & corn, while the meat & potatoes warmed up in the oven.  i had plenty of gravy left over too, so all good.  i should have taken a photo of it!
i put a couple of photos of my new pretty necklace and Christmas decs on Facebook, so won't bother repeating them here.  Had lots of 'Merry Christmas' wishes there and a couple of text messages, so i wasn't forgotten :D
i'm going to see Michael Keaton's 'Birdman' on Sunday, a 1pm matinee.  It's a preview i think, but it should do well.  i've nothing else lined up until 22nd January, when Tommy Emmanuel is on at the Corn Exchange.  i booked so long back, i don't remember what month, but as soon as i saw it was on, i jumped right in.  Lervs TE, so good.  Next date is Michael Portillo, who i really enjoyed last tiime, near the end of February.
Next Vintage Market in Milton Keynes isn't until 28th Feb. i'm already booked for the Folk Festival in July.  i'm sure there will be more films and events over that time but that's it for now.  Always give yourself something to look forward to, i say!
Wonderful filigree bowls by the late Barry Guppy, some bottle candles by a Japanese artist, a great paper cuttout fox-doll, Billy Idol's book selliing well! Adorable little 'Sue' radiator, some wonderful re-cycling from Dean Patman, fabulous leafy cafe, a camel teapot that i WANT, House of Fraser light by KazzyCee, an adorable rat [balancing on it's tail] and two of my favourite Christmas cartoons!
chotronette 01
by barry guppy
553292_806967816006575_1806017252464002599_nDean Patman
Dean Patman 02
Dean Patman 01ga141220
moore bros teapot 32w
house of fraser by kazzycee
home decor rat by CandyfleeceXmas-Bizarro-01-23-00-WEB-1tmsho141225
Have a fabulous New Year!


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Dec. 26th, 2014 07:54 pm (UTC)
That's a radiator?!!! :D Fabulous.

That spider has set me up for the year...LOL

You'd never be forgotten Jill, you're a 'larger than life' character. :D
Dec. 27th, 2014 12:59 pm (UTC)
you sweetie! i will take that in a good way :D Did your parcel arrive okay?
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