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Thursday, 15th January 2015

Yes, well, been a while.  It's all flown by quickly, which is strange when you consider i've done very little - as usual!
After a normal quiet Christmas and New Year, but with the nasty little blip of a virused computer... still with my little Genius IT man [and his new girl assistant Steph], it wasn't THAT long before i was back up and running on 2nd Jan.  Worst time to have problems, eh?  Seventeen viruses, he said. *indrawn breath*  It could have been a lot worse.
We've had such changeable weather, with lots of cloudy days and cold winds but not a huge lot of rain - having said that of course, it'll be our audition for Noah now!
Speaking of which, i watched a chunky, aging Russell Crowe playing Noah last week, the most dour role of his career.  Why the hell did he accept such a dreadful part??  He can't need the money THAT badly, can he? Apart from changing the story of Noah whenever they felt like it and having the most godawful script this side of the Black Stump, it was almost total CRAP.  The almost bit was only alieviated by some of CGI special effects - i did love the animals.  i only stuck it out to the end, mostly with my mental jaw on the floor for it's horrendous bugger-upping of the Bible version, to see what the hell they were going to do with the increasingly hysterical ending. i am awarding this my Platinum Turkey of the Year, being the far and away worst film of 2014 - which seeing some of the truly 'orrible stuff around, is saying something.  My recommendation - AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

At the other end of the scale, we did have some super celluloid to watch, especially on TV.  It was a toss-up for me which i have enjoyed more, 'The Game of Thrones' or the truly joyous 'Vikings'.  The latter hasn't been available to those who haven't got Sky but is out on DVD & BlueRay now, so if you enjoy a rousing tale of vikings as they pretty much were, do yourself a favour and buy Seasons 1 & 2.  Not expensive and so worth every penny.  Lots of fighting, blood & gore and earthy Viking politics.  And i have to say, Travis Fimmel and his cohorts are seriously easy on the eye! Add to that with some decent scripts and the wonderful Gabriel Byrne in the first season, how could you go wrong?  Season 3 starts mid February.  We will also get more Game of Thrones this year too.
The last episode of the Hobbit saga aired at the end of year and for the special effects alone, i can forgive Mr Jackson for stringing this out for as long as he could - and for adding to Tolkien's story.  Truth be told, it didn't need padding out, but it was all good fun in the end.  i must admit to being a bit bored with too much Legolas [not being a huge fan of Orlando Bloom] and i know he wasn't anything to do with The Hobbit.  i'm sure the rest of the world will not agree with me, but who cares?!  Martin Freeman did a stirling job and stole the film away from Ian McKellan - only Smaug held his own.  What a glorious dragon!  i enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch's interpretation, even if it was 'enhanced' somewhat.  With such a huge beast, i think the reverb helped with the sheer volume of sound.
i had a real love affair with Tom Hiddleston over the last year, with Thor in 'Avengers Assemble' or whatever it was called, introducing me to this marvellous actor.  From there i dived into the 'Hollow Crown' series, with Tom playing Prince Hal, some of his earlier films, the enchantingly curious 'Only Lovers Left Alive' and managing to see the NT film of 'Coriolanus' [which just blew me away].  Wonderful stuff!  He is simply terrific in whatever he chooses to play, be it drama or comedy, and i think he is just gorgous.  i can't wait to see what he does next.
i even braved the cold and the wind last week to go see Liam Neeson in the latest and i believe, last of the 'Taken' saga, this being #3. It has been such a good part for him and i crossed my fingers that this wasn't going to be just a pot-boiler on the money.  Luckily, it wasn't.  Lots of fights and car chases as usual, with a staggering body count, which was a tad far-fetched!  But it was good, rough and tumble fun and i enjoyed it a lot.  Mind you, i'd be happy if he just read the phone book!  i treated myself to a great Indian dinner after the movie, at the excellent Moza Restaurant [on the same level as the cinemas in the Leisure Centre], an all-you-can-eat for a very reasonable price and the food is simply delicious. Lots of choice and as much as you want. It's the only soft-serve icecream machine that i know of in Cambridge too.  i'd give it a 5-Star rating.  i've only ever had to hurry up once, when the whole restaurant was booked for a party.  If you like good Indian food, this is the place to go - or the Royal Spice [i order online through HungryHouse for that] and even though it's more expensive, they deliver your order in a chilly-bin, so it's nice and hot.  i'd order once a week if i could afford it!
i finally got my hair cut on Tuesday, quite a length and surprisingly heavy.  i had to wait and get the silly season over before i could get an appointment.  Since the salon closed down, my hairdresser went 'mobile' which suited me perfectly and even with a small tip, it's only £15 a pop, or should that be 'chop'?? i feel positively light headed now! :D
i'll leave you with my usual picture-mix. i want to live in that cafe with all the plants, and the almost perfect kitchen - with that dishy Japanese model! Enjoy!
JAPANESE MODEL 02 902344f645402f643544b049d77a92e1
983640_10152781377649012_720591029_n 11372_10152552382613297_428754266204571615_n
58db9022951f722d5bad69f7b0de9f9d 28fd09690e6a895fe8918b57268cd7aaBev Tully
ANTEATER & BABY 10846262_802813203119964_7903249374558591741_n photo by Steve Hinch
DESIGNTIDE200815 DESIGNTIDE 1465314_10152556960318297_326246614412081654_n
DESIGNTIDE200801 Room of Rainbows in Crystal Palace Buen Retiro Park, Madrid
What is it about pictures of roosters that is so appealing?


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Jan. 15th, 2015 08:43 pm (UTC)
It's glass and chandeliers with me, I can look at them for hours. I love that second to last. :)

Agree with you on Noah. :(

Did you get my thank you for the owl? What a lovely surprise. I must send you something when you're not expecting it, something unusual. :) Can't wait for your birthday as that's ages away.
Jan. 15th, 2015 09:31 pm (UTC)
You did thank me for the owl on FB, with a pic of your Mum! He's lovely, isn't he? i have one on my desk
There's no need to send me something, dear Ditto, really. i love sending stuff like that - i've just sent Ginger a ice-cube mold with Dr Who figures, she's such a fan. Now she can have summer drinks with the Tardis floating in them! Such fun! Lakelands have them and i picked one up for next to nothing in the sale. i don't send expensive stuff, that would be embarrassing. Just odds & bobs... :D
Jan. 17th, 2015 10:47 pm (UTC)
Well, thank you again anyway. Mum's taken him over, she thinks he's hers. :D She was really taken with the idea of an owl through the post.
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