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What a day it's been...
i didn't have a good night last night, every noise woke me and i got up to pee about three times as i was sleeping so lightly.  Not something anyone can do anything about, i know but i was so groggy when i woke at 8.30 this morning - i had to fight to stay awake.
i was so glad i had spent yesterday writing letters and not today - first to the accursed Housing and then filling out yet more application forms for jobs [all with exactly the same information, which makes me want to barf] and having to post them off tomorrow as i can't send them by e-mail....   By the third application, you are copying & pasting from the last, yet again, the exact same information... some companies try to fool you by putting the dates in front of the schools or titles of jobs done, after the names of the companies you have worked for - but it is the same frickin information provided on an endless conveyor belt and your eyes start to meet in the middle.

Some try to get you to WRITE out the sodding form, like they are interested in your bloody handwriting, instead of your brains - you will never do more than write a note in the entire time you will work for them - EVERYTHING will be produced by computer - SO WHY THE HELL SHOULD YOU HAVE TO WRITE THE FRICKIN THING OUT?!!  Let us complete it online and send it to you - save the trees and the sodding postage, you stone-age cretins!!

So i have a pile of post to go tomorrow...   Get this - one of them contains copies of job refusal letters & applications [mostly the job applications from the local newspaper, with a note of the date i sent it off] that one of my payment protection insurance companies has requested - to prove i am actually doing job searches!!   i sat and looked at the phone, when i hung up - oh yes, it was important enough to phone me and add it to the request for more information and to check i was at the right address...  i sat and looked at it for a couple of minutes, thinking "Why would anyone.."  and then the answer came to me, someone who was trying to get out of paying their accounts for sure - but you need to get the claim form countersigned by Jobseekers [who ARE within their rights to request viewing of your efforts to find a job] - so how the hell could you swing that?  i'm quite sure they are capable of ringing Jobseekers to make sure i'm kosher...
i had to smile, they are based in Ipswich...just down the road from me and they have yet to start - Barclaycard's insurance is based in Ireland and they have not only started, paid out the first instalment but sent me the form to fill out after the next check-in date of 19th February....   They are also looking at half the amount in the account that Barclays are...

Life is full of such swings and roundabouts - in the middle of the filth and rubbish that you encounter everyday, sometimes you find a pearl... and when you least expect it.   i felt the same way when i met and started to enjoy getting to know my best friend, whom i love dearly.

Talking of friends, my old mate Mark is still working in Norwich and is aiming to come and have lunch with me next Saturday, which i will enjoy a lot...  Jude has recommended a nice Italian and i could fancy that... although i'm open if he fancies McDonalds!  There is also a nice cafe i know of, he would like that too...

Anyway, i sat here this morning reading my emails and shoveling down second-rate imitation Weetabix [i'll never compromise again!] before it resembled damp sawdust...  And i thought about James...  enough to warm anyone on a cool grey morning, sweet thing...  Thinking too about the -120 tickets going on sale [yes, minus as we don't know how many are on sale, after the 'refundeds']...at 1pm in the afternoon our time.  Wondering where it would be held for our £30 per ticket, for our 'first contact'  Warm-Up Concert - new songs...  wets my appetite and i want to see him... and our friends...

What we go through, these undignified scrambles for tickets [though i'm damned if i know what the answer is]. 
It is easier when it is just a convention with more tickets but even there - we have Premium or Platinum specials with top price tags, that we are up for paying - but logically, of course, there are never enough and can't be.   At least JMLive are humans and we don't have the dreadful cattlemarket experience, i encountered being one of the Platinum 25 in Oakland.   That should have been one of the happiest and most wonderful experiences of my life, goddess alive, we paid enough for it!!  But paying $1000 for a ticket does not guarantee that - especially when it is with Vultures!!   James, bless his heart, did his best and without him, it would not have been tolerable - but we were shamefully treated.

As time passes and it is almost 12.30pm - i 'speak' to Lene on Messenger and exchange greetings and good luck messages for the day, force myself to make some tea and turn the heating up...  i've grown chilly. 
Time counts down again and it's now...
i've been online to JMLive for half an hour and refresh the screen, until after about 20? 30? seconds - it's coming up...
i zipp down the screen, get the right screen and damn me, i have to type out my name, address etc BEFORE i can go to the second screen and give my card details - it bumps me back;  i've forgotten to put in my telephone # *shit, i'm not going to make it!  Keep going!!*    i get the second screen, put in my details, typing for dear life - thank heavens, i can type quickly but i'm running out of time...  i get one ticket, hesitate but press on and press 'submit'.
i find out later, i am only one minute behind Lynnie, even with all that - and that ALL her details were already in there!  She didn't have to type in anything but her card details and i wonder if it is because i have a new email addy and WorldPay don't recognise me...   Anyway, i get my transaction confirmation from them and seconds later, confirmation of the payment from JML - now waiting for final confirmation of the order.

Mozzies start to post, they have bought one or two etc...  But it isn't until after 3pm that i get a slightly odd confirmation from JMLive - to JMLive on my email! - saying the order is confirmed.. i'll take that as a 'yes' then shall i?  *huge sigh of relief* 
i speak to Lynnie to find out if she has hers yet and find neither she nor Sue have had ANY confirmation from JML at all.  They are both on Tiscali and having problems getting their emails through...  i cross fingers and toes.   Jude rings her mobile while i am on the phone and she has had her confirmation too - her ID # paradoxically is huge...
Talk again to Lene, trying to make sense of the transaction ID # and she says, what if it is just Worldpay's nos?  And suddenly, all the anomylies make sense.   Our payments are most likely included in all the Worldpay paments, around the world - not just a neat little allocation for JML - so we could have numbers a thousand apart  in actual numbers and still only have 120 ticket confirmations...
i think of Lynnie & Sue and breath a little easier - both their #s are less than mine...  barring some ghastly accident, they should both have tickets.

i go make cold chicken sandwiches for lunch and sit munching;  thinking gladly of the Hotel room i have already booked - and paid for - that it covers this date.  We had been planning a Team Brit dinner and will probably still have it, but it will be after a 'Warm-up' Concert now.   *Snorts*  i can't get away from after-event dinners no matter how much i try!   i guess i should just give in gracefully...  at least i am not babysitting or anything extra this time - it should be just me...
What is also nice, the seats are numbered - no long queues in the early dawn - until Friday!   i know, i know, i don't have to queue like able-bodied sisters but i like to show willing at least.   That MTS fuckwit will learn that having a hip-replacement only slows down the process of decay and if you have severe arthritis, it will affect you again - somewhere else...
i am glad at least that my hernia will be well healed by then - goddess willing!!   See what i mean about swings and roundabouts?  i can hope for a period of remission though, can't i?  it does happen once in a while...

More confirmations coming through, must go check again.
Have a good week, mes amies!!


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Jan. 29th, 2007 06:58 am (UTC)
I got a ticket for Wednesday which I'm really pleased about because being from South of the river means travelling to Soho is a doddle! Yay!
Jan. 29th, 2007 09:32 am (UTC)
i'm delighted to hear it! Hey, this will mean i get to meet you at last! The numbered seats will help find you too, which is good.
That will also help Sue, she says as she won't have to worry about queuing. Don't mind queuing personally but there is nearly always a problem with lack of seating and/or finding a loo!
It was perfect in Bristol for the Fleece, as there is a pub next door and they were great too!
Only three months to go! Yay!
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 29th, 2007 09:40 am (UTC)
Hey, sweetie!
i think all our nerves get shredded at these times but poor Lynnie's were in tatters yesterday... - thankhevens, she has had her confirmation this morning!
Her addy is mrstiggerman@hotmail.co.uk, babe.

i had to put in ALL my details, and i was certain i'd missed out, gotta check with WorldPay and update me, i think, as it may be because i have a new email now - not sure but checking...

Jude will let me know when she hears for certain about Mary's ticket, then Team Brit will be all there. Which reminds me, is Nancy/Greenlady coming over this time, do you know?

xxx Have a good week, petal!
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 29th, 2007 10:34 am (UTC)
Re: Hey, sweetie!
Sorry, musta read it wrong... yes, i thought it was odd you not having it - i HAD just got up! Lene is al@solbakken.net
Jan. 29th, 2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
Crumbs, I got all agitated again reading that and I wasn't even doing the ordering...DeeDee got ours. She thought she'd done four though, us two and my sisters, but it was limited to tickets per person. :(

Lol at the brekkie cereal and...'Let us complete it online and send it to you - save the trees and the sodding postage, you stone-age cretins!!'
Jan. 29th, 2007 07:10 pm (UTC)
That should read 'to two tickets per person' I'm still agitated.... :D
Jan. 30th, 2007 12:36 am (UTC)
Hell Yeah!
You got that right - it's a strain but dunno what else we can do, right?

i think there were a few people got caught out on that two, not four ticket thing. It does create less of a refund problem though and make no mistake, there will have been an over-sell on this as well.
What amused me was the 'it-took-15 minutes to sell out' comment - which i might add, i do not believe - most people complain if it takes 15 DAYS to sell out...!!! This is JAMES, people...
i refuse to believe it took 4.44 minutes to sell out 130 tickets and 3x that for the remains of the 120 that went on sale... It would be interesting to find out just how many actually were on sale after the 'refundeds' - half maybe?
i'm glad you got your two anyway. We shall meet again, petal! We will have to do a post of who is which seat, on the 10-11th Feb?
Be kinda nice if i actually know the person(s) i am sitting with, at both the Warm Bordello gig and Spring Fever!!
i will be in full warpaint with the face tats, of course, and most likely for Collectormania 11 as well. Wouldn't it be funny if ASH remembered the face tats from Halloween & Oakland?! Nah...
later, babe
Jan. 30th, 2007 11:08 am (UTC)
Re: Hell Yeah!
I thought exactly the same thing re the timing...and I'd luf to know how many tix were left...

This is me above, so you can give me a wave lol and I know you ever since Berlin when you were in front of me and sisters and you chatted to him so natural unlike me who is usually catatonic. It was quite fascinating to watch. :) And of course you being #1 fan at Milton Keynes and DeeDee said to you (dozing on the bench) "I don't want to disturb you" and you said "Well, you have!" Always cracks me up to think of it. :D
Jan. 30th, 2007 11:09 am (UTC)
Re: Hell Yeah!
Er, that's not me ::blushes:: this is me.
Jan. 30th, 2007 03:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Hell Yeah!
Ummm, i have never been to Berlin, babe, sorry. You must have me mixed up with some other unfortunate woman who looks like me?

Was i really that rude to DeeDee? heavens, please give her my apologies!! i must have still been getting over the really late night - we hadn't been to bed! i have to say, i don't remember that at all!! my brain must be rotting early... Are you sure it was me??!! *how awful*
Jan. 30th, 2007 03:27 pm (UTC)
Re: Hell Yeah!
Lol, not it was funny really. DeeDee and all of us were dead impressed. :D

It was definitely you but obviously not Berlin....he does get about though, could have been anywhere!
Feb. 2nd, 2007 05:43 am (UTC)
I managed to snag a ticket as well.

I still can't believe I'm going to miss hearing James read poetry. *sigh*
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