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Tuesday, 27th January 2015

January nearly done already.  Time truly waits for no-one.
Went to a City Homes meeting yesterday [for Council housing tenants] and the Tree Man was there.  i spoke to him about my problem trees, the one that broke the fence and the dead one, and he said he'd come and look at them. 'How about tomorrow morning?' i about fainted with surprise and agreed enthusiastically!  True to his word, he came over. The fence-breaking tree will most likely get pruned as we are both loath to take it out completely and the dead one just needs to be taken out. He said yesterday maybe we could look at planting a new one there, another flowering cherry.  That would be nice. He made notes and said he'd look into it, which means something will actually be done, as his word is good.  There's not so many that you can say that about nowadays, sad to say.

We're having a nice spell of good sunny weather at the moment, although the wind is chill but it won't last.  We're due some bad weather as the week wears on, though nowhere near as bad as what is predicted for poor New York.  Lots of cold winds on their way and most likely snow for everyone.  As long as it doesn't mean hardship or danger for us, frankly i don't really care.  i much prefer cold to hot weather, being a lot easier to keep warm than the struggle to keep cool.  i'll let you know if it snows!  i don't need to go out again until Thursday now; dental check-up.

Anna & i had a nice visit to the Vintage Fair at the Guildhall on Saturday.  i actually managed to find a lovely little ring pretty much as i stepped through the door!  i think it's lapis and it fit perfectly - a whole £6.  i subsequently picked up two enormous square scaves @ £3 each, pretty little necklace gold/pearls [gold coloured but nice] for a fiver and a delightful lille open-topped, horse-drawn omnibus with Heinz 57 on the side [our nickname for my Dad's parents who lived at #57].  Can't remember what that was, about £2 i think. There were several stalls selling fur coats, which surprised me, what with all the hoo-ha about animal furs.  But what are you supposed to do with all the old ones?  It would be purely wasteful to throw them all away.  i really don't have a problem with fur - as long as it's not taken from an endangered species.  Rabbit fur is beautifully soft and has the ability of being dyed any colour you like, if you don't like the natural colour.  Minks can be raised humanely and they are NOT endangered and the wild ones can be a real pest here in UK, as they are an introduced species and play havoc with the natural wildlife.
i'm about soaking my hands in hand-cream just now, they're so dry.  Washing-up and handling paper especially dries them out like crazy. Winter isn't kind to your skin, or your hair for that matter.  Every time i put a brush or comb to my hair, it stand out from my head electro-statically and tickles my face!  i usually just dampen my hands with a spray-on, leave-on hair conditioner and smooth over my hair.  When it's really bad, it happens every time i tuck a strand behind my ear or just touch my hair.  i wind up running my hands over the sides of my head, every time after i wash my hands.  Not sure why it is so bad in winter; oh i know there's a scientific reason but i don't remember what it is.
My calendar is about clear until late in February when i'm booked to see the Staves [sister group of singers], whom i had the pleasure of listening to at the Folk Festival last year.  Their harmonies are so pure, they almost make your teeth ache and are a talented bunch.  In the same week [Natch!], Michael Portillo is coming back.  i did enjoy listening to him when he was here before, such a natural and clear speaker.  i suppose i shouldn't be surprised that most of the questions from the audience were about his time in politics but i don't really care about that and would have liked more anecdotes about his train-travel programmes.  It will be interesting to see what he talks about this time.
i finally made my mind up about going to the Miracle Day 2 Con in May and rang to check with the Hotel about a room.  As John Barrowman is coming now, i thought there might be a real run on rooms, but there was no problem and they were happy to book me a standard double, with breakfast for their Con rate of £78 per night.  Given that they charge around £20 for breakfast now, i counted that as a bargain and went ahead and booked.  i then went online and bought a Gold ticket [£160] and it was as well i did.  A couple of days later, there was a notice on Facebook saying only 10 Gold left.  Yes, it's not cheap but you do get to do the Meet&Greet and hear and speak to the guests, all of them [unless they haven't arrived yet, which in all fairness, rarely happens] and first three rows prefered seating.  Also you get your photos and subsequent autographs before the mass of Regular tickets.  i once had problems with getting Sunday photos back in time before i left and never forgot it, and make sure i book Sunday night as well.  Mind you, they have a new printer set-up for the photos now and don't have to out-source any more, so you can get your pictures back the same day.  Very handy for having them autographed the same day too.  i'm hoping they will do a joint photo-op with James Marsters & John Barrowman.  It will be more expensive but i reckon that's fine as i won't have to have one with each this way.  i haven't met Naoko or Owen Teale, so a couple of new ones.  Eve & Kai are always good value and there's James of course, who does meet & greets now.  i only wish Burn Gorman could come, i like him and he was nice.
i'll get the National Express to Heathrow again, so much easier than trying to get across London with a mobiity scooter, even my small one - and cheaper than the train. Even the little Hoppa buses are okay.  So, i'm good to go.
i'll be doing the Folk Festival again this, all things being equal, at the end of July. Let's hope we have good weather!  Actually, we've been pretty lucky over the last couple of years, with only a couple of deluges!  To my delight, Cole Stacey & Joe O'Keefe will be coming this year - i've been emailing and saying on the Festival  Facebook page 'why haven't you invited them?' and other people must have said the same, with this happy outcome.  Yay!!  Can't wait to find out who else will be there.
Well, that's about it for now.  Take care and stay warm!

p.s. is it me or is that last piece of sculpture of the man balancing - out of balance?
10915317_950355411641808_4065033882634887895_n 10924693_951558498188166_4095724535470118216_nwor150123
10428068_10153035221301726_4216371759933580489_n@Cari Tusek Italian Cemetery, Colma, CA EST. 1899 hm150118
10911222_951559251521424_2863064252660453710_o hm150119 IMG_0005
IMG_0004 wor150119
Rick Owens peek-a-boo stufftmsho150124
Roger Reutimann Sculpture


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Jan. 27th, 2015 01:13 pm (UTC)
I like all your new icons. :)

The cow made me LOL. :D

I like Michael Portillo and trains.

I like your posts.

I'm rubbish at commenting.
Jan. 27th, 2015 02:59 pm (UTC)
You're NOT rubbish at commenting and i'm always delighted to hear from you!
Jan. 27th, 2015 01:24 pm (UTC)
Love that door and the hand holding the chain link.

Sounds like you have loads to look forward to!
Jan. 27th, 2015 03:01 pm (UTC)
yes, i love them both. i like the gorgeous and the quirky and that hand is about as quirky as they come! What do you reckon on the balancing man, it's not my eyesight, is it?
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