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Saturday, 31st January 2015

Last day of January, friends!  Where does the time go? Or is it me just getting old?
It's not easy thinking of myself of as old, persay, and i don't really think 67 is THAT old. Must be the perspective.  i mean, when you're in your teens anything over 40 is ANCIENT, but when you actually get there, it's nothing.i didn't really look back until i turned 50 and not even then really, but when you top 60-65 and become a pensioner, it does start to make you think.  i qualified for the pension at 60 as i was born before 1953 and what a relief money-wise that was!  Not that the basic pension is rich, you understand, far from it.  As long as you qualify for housing benefit and whatever else you can take advantage, it's not so bad.  i was lucky (???) that i didn't qualify for the full pension, having spent most of my working life overseas and had to have Pension Credits to make it up to the basic minimum allowed.  i didn't see it like that at the time, but when i realised it put me in the running for free dental everything, [no prescription fees for pensioners] and full housing benefit, no council tax and a big chunk off your spectacles, i saw it a different way.  Having medical qualifying points allowed me to get on the council housing ladder another HUGE plus.  Don't get the idea i live the life of Riley, all this means in reality is that i can just live off my pension and pay for food & utilities, without busting a gut every month.  i was brought up by parents who didn't like buying anything on credit, who firmly believed in a strong work ethic [i didn't!] and who by-and-large respected authority and while believing less able or unfortunate people did need and were entitled to help from Government, Councils etc, they didn't..  As long as they could pay their way and could look after themselves, they saw no reason for help, and having made sure their superanuation was enough, there was no need.  They worked hard for their money and it didn't let them down.  They qualified for pensions but i'm not sure how much of it, considering their means.  i seriously think nowadays, you might just as well forget savings as you get bugger all return on it and it probably won't be enough anyway. When i wasn't paid enough to save, which i have to say was pretty much all the time, i did worry sometimes how i would get on but i trusted to favourable gods and i'd bloody manage somehow!
Due to severe arthritis, i qualify for Disability Living Allowance [DLA] and let me tell you, that makes such a difference; i wouldn't know where to start.  i was comparing my monies recently to a lady i know, who is 81 and due to circumstances out of her hands, she's not doing so well. Pensions/Council not helping; in fact making it slightly worse! It's causing her quite some distress and nobody is helping [apart from her kids]. Should anyone have to go through all that? No, they bloody shouldn't.
*sighs*  i didn't start out to do this little rant...getting reflective, i guess.  i was just going to do KazzyCee's meme...

A question a day for five days.
1. What is the meaning behind your LJ name?
2. What was your favourite childhood book or books?
3. What is your favourite recipe and why? Try to post the recipe if you have time.
4. What are the top 5 things on your wish list & have you done any of them?
5. What do you collect?

My LJ name is quite well documented but i started with Lovejames as at the time i did, love James that is.  Not only the gorgeous and talented Mr Marsters but my grandfather was James and i've never met one i disliked; so far!  i've got used to it over the years and it's me now.

Actually had some snow today, big flakes and heavy.  Only for about an hour and a half though and it's too wet to 'stick'.  Wind picked up but it hasn't snowed again so far.  If the cloud keeps up and it stays cold, we may have some more.  i like snow and how pretty it all is.  No, i don't like slush or ice *thinks of aged & brittle bones* but i like rain too.  i guess it was those 10 years living in desert conditions that did it.

Well, i must go change the printer ink cartridge [i put a new one in and the computer/printer told me it was empty! So put old one back in until it ran out - now]. And after my groceries delivery tomorrow, i MUST wash the kitchen floor!
Stay warm and take care!
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paint girl


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Jan. 31st, 2015 05:52 pm (UTC)
I saw a documentary with that Indian festival in and it's very colourful but I couldn't bear all that powder everywhere! :D

Luv the cartoon. :)

That hydrangea is to die for. Mine are all straggly things.

I dunno where the time goes either, sometimes I'm going to bed and I'm not used to being up yet!
Feb. 1st, 2015 08:58 am (UTC)
I'm not sure what I will get as a pension. I need to talk to someone about it as I have pension 'pots' all over the place. I can't claim the state pension until I'm 67 which is 12 years away :(
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