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Bad week - this is catchup Thursday

It's been such a bad week, i've not been in here and so have missed the rest of the meme i was doing, so here's the catch-up...

A question a day for five days.

1. What is the meaning behind your LJ name?

2. What was your favourite childhood book or books?

3. What is your favourite recipe and why? Try to post the recipe if you have time.

4. What are the top 5 things on your wish list & have you done any of them?

5. What do you collect?

2. 'Crown of Violet' by Geoffrey Trease and all of C.S. Lewis' Narnia books

3. Have several really, from fish pie & shepherds' pie [both with mashed potato toppings] to my must-have-at-least-once-a-month Indian or Malaysian curry. But i love Jamie's Italian steak frittes, slow-cooked pork belly, chicken with roast veg - shall i go on?? i love good food.  And i simply don't have the time to post as many recipes!

4. Not sure i really have a wish list as such. Except trying to be a good person and live forever. Anything material is just a question of money; though i would like to go back to Venice. Not kind on the not-fully-able...

5. i do like Sci-Fi action figures. Have a goodly collection of Dr Who aliens & bad guys. i like most Robots and the Minions. Strangely, i have a collection of stuffed toys [though i wouldn't let a child play with any of them!]; currently have a duck, mouse & rabbit [in clothes] from a talented Israeli, a doll from a drawing by a child [for a charity], a commemorative Teddy from Browns College and Moomintroll. i also have two PG Tips Monkeys, a black pig and a small whale! Small Chinese cups, some dragons, owls...doesn't everyone have a selection of 'stuff'?

Must put some more seeds out for my birds.  Wish i could figure out a way to stop those damned pigeons from hogging so much.  The doves are nearly as bad but i guess they get hungry too.  i do have a window-feeder that will only let the little ones feed and i have seen the blue tits come down to it, so even if the main trays are empty, they have some to go at.

www.pinterest.com raven witch by arley berryhill 1

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Wolf by Melissa Moliterno and Andrea Poma of Aneme Mosaico


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Feb. 5th, 2015 03:03 pm (UTC)
Re books, you mean you've collected one set and leave it at that? You don't go on and on collecting the same book do you? I have books lining the walls, they don't half take up some space. Sometimes I have the same book but a different cover or whatever...I do have to cull my collection repeatedly...a lot!

I luvs stuff, but it's where to put it! I had to look it up as I'd never heard of Crown...completely passed me by. At the moment I'm reading a children's book because I missed it when I was 9... :D

LOL at Hagar.

Luv the ice caves.

I can't feed the birds, Mum's got three hunter cats.
Feb. 6th, 2015 01:52 pm (UTC)
Why would anyone want more than one copy of a book? Don't get that... Yes, i have about a library full, four bookcases and two sets of shelves so far! i must have a cull soon [and the DVDs too] as i'm about out of space, and will have to start doubling up on shelves again.
Pity about the cats, but all cats are hunters and my back garden is no exception. The trick is to have bird tables that they have no hope of reaching. i can't help the blackbirds who are the only birds that feed on the ground but they are wiley and hard to catch :D
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