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8 days of Happy - 6th April, 2015

And yes, i always forget the next couple of days in memes!
So 2nd & 3rd days of Happy - reviving happy memories when clearing out my paper storage box. You know, theatre tickets, recipes, important bills or insurance updates, that sort of thing.  Enjoying my latest treasures, the Engineer/Cosmonaut figure from 'Prometheus'. Very well detailed and big for an action figure. Picture doesn't do him justice as he's 8" tall. He does have movable joints but not as much flexibility as usual ones, which doesn't bother me as i don't 'play' with them. Funny that i can't find Noomi's character, you'd think there'd be one, wouldn't you?  There's a David, the android, which i may get later but i'm 'iffy' about that.

And today, 4th day of Happy.  Some sunshine to greet me, although it's clouded over a lot now and the forecast isn't brilliant. The back garden has decided it's spring and had it's first grass cut for the year.  The daisies immediately came up! So i'm happy it's getting warmer - my fingers get frozen in winter when i read in bed. :D

Not brilliant photos but you get the idea.
It's amazing just how many people are working Easter weekend [not counting the shops] - i've just had an Amazon delivery [book] and it's Easter Monday.  i did get post on Saturday but the posties are getting the public holidays at least.
i'll be out and about tomorrow as i need some vitamins and promised to look out some liquid Vitamin E for Char [great for rubbing on healing skin and scars]. Apparently she can't get it in Juneau. She called me last night and has got through the latest round of chemo; yes, still having to fight the cancer as it has flared up again. The surgical procedure for a new port went well and has healed nicely but she had a reaction to the tape and that is still red and angry.  Vitamin E to the rescue!
i've been catching up on some long-ovedue personal paperwork and still have some medical reports etc to catch up on, so still some to do.  i'm the worlds worst or best procrastinator, depending how you look at it!  i have to zip out for some cash this pm as i have an early haircut tomorrow - 9am horrific! But no other time this week and she away for the next 2? weeks. Something like that. i warned her i may be sitting there with my eyes shut!
Wednesday, i'm meeting with our new Surgery Practice Manager - that's 3pm thankfully. And i have an Exec meeting 2pm Thursday.  i don't have any theatre or film bookings until towards the end of May but i'm going to the Miracle Day 2 Con on the 8th May.  i'm working on getting my credit card right down for that.  i really only need cash for photos & lunch money, and the Hoppa buses, as i've already bought my ticket for the Con and National Express. Hotel's booked, so i'm pretty well good-to-go.  Just have to figure out what i'm wearing now!
Right, i'm going to have some lunch now, so enjoy the rest of the day and the short working week!


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Apr. 6th, 2015 01:55 pm (UTC)
LOL at the daisies. :D Garden looks nice. Mum's grass is cut for her which is great. I'm fed-up with cutting grass. I'm too old.

Sorry to hear about the return of the C, I saw Kylie on Jonathan Ross and she's 12 years free which is great. I wish they could find a cure for this thing but there are so many types. :(
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