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Friday, 10th April 2015

Fine, sunny day, all day. Had a 'domestic' day; clearing stuff away, finished some paperwork, filed same, stripped bed linens for washing, sorted four colour washes - third load in now and second in dryer. My washer takes so long, i frequently don't have time to hang it out, not that i bother any more as it aggravates my back so much. What else? Changed towels, took out Blue bin rubbish and put new bag in food waste container [what a nifty little recycler i am!] and 'stuff' like that. It all takes a surprising amount of time - interspersed with the Post and two couriers. One bringing my little dancing Baby Groot [totally adorable!] and the other a delivery of vitamins.

i can now post off some liquid Vitamin E to Char for her scars. That's the problem with living in Juneau where everything is either flown in or brought by boat. She frequently cannot find things she could do with. i wound up sending her hot water bottles [of all things], decent scrunchies & Alice bands and for a while, paracetamol.

We eventually found the paracetamol was available over the counter under a different name, hugely irritating for her. A lot of the non-prescription pain medication is quite useless for her, what with the effects of chemo etc and her doctor is an old curmudgeon who seems to think she doesn't need help with the pain - i could cheerfully kick his balls out through his teeth... i hate it when doctors let their personal opinions colour their dealings with their patients, instead of being objective in favour of the patient, they appear to think 'i wouldn't take this' - kinda like when they're not in pain, you can't be - that stupid backwards non-thinking. *climbs off soapbox*

i sent her a matching scarf & sweater for Christmas - she has no idea what colour it is, so not doing that any more. i should explain that she is now legally-blind and seemingly getting worse. i don't hold any hope on that score either as she is back onto chemo again. That's the bitch about cancer; you never beat it, you can only halt the onslaught and mark time in remission. Seems some can stay good for years and it has been a while for Char, but the sneaky sodding thing is back. It has always seemed so incredible that you have to poison yourself to counteract it, and that the treatment can be as bad as the disease. NO FAIR. C'mon, Powers-That-Be, this poor bloody woman has had it all thrown at her - wasn't her son dying in her arms enough; you have to bring back the cancer?

Change subject, blood pressure must be going up... i keep waiting for good kharma to kick in - hurry up, y'bitch...

i'm listening to Stephen Stills' self-titled album and 'Manassas' from way back - due to stupid crap involving the changes in media licensing rubbish - insisting i 'upgrade' to a new Windows Internet Explorer, when i use Firefox, for gods sakes - it wouldn't let me play the CD on my computer or 'Manassas' either. Ignoring the fact i had previously ripped them onto my computer yonks ago, still wouldn't let me play! After a lot of swearing and repeated attempts to simply play them through my computer, even deleting what was in the Media Player and trying to reload them in, i gave up and bought MP3 downloads. Bloody Fucking annoying.

i must go and have some dinner, it's nearly half seven.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Apr. 10th, 2015 08:52 pm (UTC)
I want a baby Groot!

Chemo sucks.

I love the cheese photo!
Apr. 10th, 2015 10:24 pm (UTC)
I luv all the photographs this post. :D That veg...like jewels.

I'm so sorry about your friend. :( I think I remember her from one of the cons?
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