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And it's Friday again... August 21st, 2015

Man, it has been SO LONG since i posted, y'all must have thought i'd moved or died!  Neither of course :)
It took two weeks to get my computer sorted out and a couple of returns of said pc to do so.  i'd pop in from time to time to check emails on my server, pay the odd bill [with my fingers crossed i didn't pay anything twice!
And then when i got my little darling home, with a brand new C Drive and replacement solenoid? i set about re-loading, re-installing etc of necessary programmes, over the next fews days. Not so lucky with my emails. i think it's because i had to reinstall Windows Live Mail that my server doesn't want to recognise me any more and won't forward my emails to me.  So i have to go online to read them, not ideal. It also took forever to sort out all my music [would you believe around 13gb!] - and all my downloads were wiped off and i had to go online to download them again - but ITunes is not co-operating! i can access the purchased part of my account but can't figure out how to download them again, MOST frustrating! Otherwise, i think i'm almost back to 'normal'. *heaves sigh of relief so massive, it flutters the flags on every car-lot from here to the coast*

The first part of my computer problems coincided with going to the Cambridge Folk Festival and it didn't make meeting my friends there easy, but i managed to get one arranged before we crashed and the other two are on my phone list, so texting sorted them out.  The McKay came over for Thursday night for Katzenjammer as he'd not seen them in person. He loved them, as much as i did.  i'd taken along my wheelchair, that i don't use any more, for another friend who'd had a hip replacement and was on crutches.  Patricia & husband John were delayed by trains and didn't arrive until a lot later than they'd expected but we met up eventually and i think she found it helped greatly for the rest of the Festival.  i did enjoy all the Festival and seeing the lovely boys from India Electric Co again - super talented and well worth seeing/hearing.

i had a lot of problem uploading my photos onto PBase and it took me about three days to complete yesterday, due mainy to the amount - PBase didn't help by buggering up the sequencing as a consequence but i thought stuff it, it can stay as it is - http://www.pbase.com/lovejames/cambridge_folk_festival_2015. Be warned there are around 1000 of them!

Went to the Fitzwilliam Museum with Anna to see the Rothschild Bronzes - wonderful stuff.  There is a great debate going on at the moment as to whether they are by Michaelangelo but i have to say, no doubt that they are in our minds at all.  They are riding panthers, in case you wondered! The Fitz have relaxed their no-photo policy, as you can see, but no flash.  Some of the special exhibits are still barred though; just ask i guess.  A fun day all round.

We had afternoon tea at Browns when the Museum closed and had a lovely catch-up chat and i showed her what i'd bought in the Museum shop - way too much, of course!
Haven't done much since then, what with trying to sort the Festival photos and wondering why i can't download my ITues stuff.  i'll try again when the frustration has subsided somewhat. :(
Apart from some meetings, the next fun thing on my calendar is the Milton Keynes Vintage Fair on the first weekend in September; i love those so much.  They'll have another in October too i think, for the Christmas trades.  i bought some items in an antique auction for Nepal, arranged by the Brocant lads and a jug and a carved boar skull, which i hope to collect at the same time.  i'm taking my little suitcase, with plenty of bubble wrap & paper as a couple of the items are quite delicate.  Want to see the boar skull?  It won't suit all tastes that's for sure, but i love it. One of those 'see-it-want-it' items like the pair of shoes i've just ordered!  oh yes, i SO need another pair of shoes...not.  What can you do, i love them too and they'll go with everything.

okay, i'll close now with my usual batch of pictures.  You never know what will catch your eye, do you?  Take care, y'all


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Aug. 22nd, 2015 11:29 am (UTC)
I've missed the pix! So many wonderful ones in this post, I'm loathe to pick a favourite. Look at the size of that Hydrangea! I thought my pink was one massive but titchy compared. What are those red flowers? Love the witchy cartoon. :D
Aug. 22nd, 2015 09:06 pm (UTC)
i wish i could grow hydrangeas; there are some growing near me. i'm not sure what the red ones are. The picture is from China, i think. Glad you enjoy the pix! :D
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