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Monday, 12th October 2015

It was Unpleasant Monday today. Started with the Nurse Diabetic review; i got Madam Doom again.Why MD? You mention a blister and she starts rabbiting on about developing sores, [ulcers we call them, sez she] and goes on about having them treated 2-3 times a week and then hinting on how bad they can get and 'some patients go on to have feet etcf AMPUTATED' - sorry, i mentioned it!  What a woman; how can you take her seriously when she can blow anything up into a full-blown Disaster??  Anyway, she eventually got round to weighing me [107kgs], poking my feet [yes, i can feel all of that] and set out the stuff to draw some blood. i made the mistake of saying my calves had swollen quite a lot over the last few days - was it to do with the new metformin?  She thinks its water retension [no shit, Sherlock] and wanted my Dr to see them, when we were finished.  Okay, but i have this dentist's appointment, so i can't wait that long...  EVENTUALLY, we get around to the bloods and luckily, she was quick this time.  She also wants me to monitor my blood sugar; they have a do-hicky for that - gosh, just run out today, but some more on order, 'come back next week'.  Okay, so i go sit back in the waiting room but it gets too close to the time and i stop by the reception to re-schedule.  She looks on the computer - nearest she can book me in - some time in NOVEMBER!!  That's 3 weeks away - just when did she think i'd be discussing today's results????  It's getting silly now.  My Dr is only there TWO days - and short ones at that - a week.  i'll have to speak to Her about it.
i dashed off and made my Seriously Unpleasant second appointment.  A quick x-ray and lots of nasty needles, then we get down to the actual extraction of tooth remains, level with the gum.  Anyway, he drills for a bit - don't feel a thing and he hauls out said remains.  He poked and prodded for so long, i was wondering if he was panning for gold... but no, he was checking he'd got all the root out. Still not sure if he did, but it'll make itself known if he hasn't. i don't like the taste of my own blood - better than someone elses though!!
Now we leave the wound alone to heal and i go back in 6 weeks for the new moulding to add onto my little bridge.  He says he will have a second bridge made to tide me over, so they can use the original?  Whatever, just as long as i don't look like Dracula's Grandma in the wait.  The x-ray also highlighted a darker bit under one of my front crowns, no idea what that is.  It does get a little tender once in a while, due to the use that side gets chewing.  i can't chew much on the other side; not full on pork chop, if you get my drift!  That's for later. Let's get this out of the way first, if nothing presents itself in the mean time.  Always some damn thing...
i'll leave you with some pics as usual - the last one is of some underwater tidal sculptures by Jason Decaires Taylor at Vauxhall; i never knew they were there, did you?  Love the under-the-boardwalk shot.
Have a great week and take care!


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Oct. 13th, 2015 09:53 am (UTC)
That first wave picture is fabulous. :)

Y'know if you did Atkins you could completely reverse your diabetes? I fully believe this. If I don't stick to Atkins I become pre-diabetic within a very short time. My sister has just had a heart attack and was given 'the heart' diet. It's virtually Atkins yet years ago I had a copy of the 'heart' diet that they gave to their patients then and it was nothing like. They are finally, finally, getting the message that Dr A had been telling them since 1972. :(

Your nurse might be an exaggerator (like myself, I luvs a sensation) but she is right. My sister now creeps about tenderly placing her feet down. She's really brave and never ever complains. You wouldn't know anything was wrong with her but you only have to really look. She can't keep up with me now when we're out walking yet I was the family 'snail' back in the day. :(


:: creeps away ::
Nov. 18th, 2015 01:43 pm (UTC)
Dearest Ditto! i know you mean well, but "listen carefully, i shall say this only once" !!
It wouldn't matter what diet you went on, you CANNOT reverse diabetes. Your blood sugar levels can be controlled to some extent and healthy eating is to be encouraged to stave it off. But, and that is a BIG but the cause of diabetes is your aging pancreas starting to fail. You cannot reverse that, only try halt the deterioration in insulin production. You can only cope with the effects as best you can, with careful diet and appropriate drugs. i did an improved version of Atkins some years ago, pre-diabetes, to get my weight down enough for knee-replacement surgery and i was successful. There's a little too much butter & fat really for diabetics with the Atkins but you could do an adapted one, i guess. Try 'Pig 2 Twig' [which is what i did]. i have to eat enough to cover my meds or terrible things happen to my 'innards' ! It is striking a happy medium that is difficult, but we soldier on!
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