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Saturday, 5th December 2015

Wow, i haven't been in here for AGES...  i guess we all get caught up in 'stuff' and meetings, reading reports and the usual life things.
i volunteered to be a moderator for an NHS contract [yes, i know, never volunteer!] - luckily there are only 4 candidates, as there are 47 questions FOR EACH! Reams of details to read through, award points etc, with another meeting to come to discuss it all. It's a long drawn-out process, as it should be.  We'll get to hear the outcome eventually, which will be interesting.
i'm awaiting official results on an ultrasound i had done on 'me abdominals' but the operator said everything look normal and good to her, so i'm not expecting any surprises.  It was for a deep check on my liver.  i will need to go see my Quack when the results come in.  It's all to do with my annual diabetic check-up.  My arthritis is kicking up some but i'll make do as long as i can as the next step up in meds involves a morphine mix... No thanks.  i guess i'll join the list of those who will wait until it gets a lot worse.  One side effect of getting old is not bouncing back as fast as you used to, which aggravated me when i was getting over a nasty chill recently.  You just have to take a bit more care of yourself, i guess.
In good news, i had my Christmas dinner at Jamies on Thursday - Anna and i noted this is our 3rd year. A very tasty mixed meat plank to start, then LOVELY porchetta, sweet and oh so tender. i was bad and had a Frangellico Sour at the bar to start while i awaited her Ladyship, a couple of glasses of their excellent house red and some illicit tiramisu for afters!  But for a once a year treat, i thought what the hell.  We had a good laugh with a couple of ladies sitting next to us to round off the night and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  i could have eaten that porchetta all over again, it was so delicious!   The regular staff made a point of coming over to greet me, which they usually do to be fair, but it makes me feel very welcome.
i've cut my commitments right back, with just the NHS stuff on the front burner.  i do have a couple of minor 'interests' but i mostly get to choose if i do anything about those.  It is definitely to do with getting older as i tire easily and i always did have the attention span of a gnat, so i am very jealous of my time in anything.  The weather doesn't encourage going out a lot, especially lately, and i'm happy to order my groceries online for home delivery and pretty much anything else i need for that matter.  It's astonishing what you can buy that way.  Even 10-15 years ago it was such a different story.  Now businesses have realised just how much money they can actually make via the internet, which is great for the elderly and infirm particularly.  Which is not to say that everyone can't avail themselves of these services.
i only wish i could do the same with my dentist!  Another of my crowns bit the dust recently, splitting the tooth below the gumline, so it had to go. This meant adding a tooth to my top bridge and as i've completed the healing, i've just had the impressions done for the new one.  Picking bits of purple gloop out of teeth for ages after!  The new one should be ready hopefully before Christmas, fingers crossed.  i go see him again next week.
Just a few photos today... My Christmas present to me, putting pictures on your camel [as you do!], and Da Vinci's dachshund studies


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Dec. 5th, 2015 04:45 pm (UTC)
Ooo pretty shoes!

Did you see Jamie is going to sell the franchise to his Jamie's Italian restaurants? I love them and really hope that won't mean changes ....
Dec. 5th, 2015 05:44 pm (UTC)
i need more shoes like i need another nose but those i could not resist!
No, didn't see the franchise selling of Jamie's - is that going to be all of them or just some? i guess it's okay as long as the quality doesn't suffer, which can happen... :(
Dec. 17th, 2015 12:26 pm (UTC)
Fabulous pix as usual. The tree is so pretty, the camel a hoot. :D My fave is the ice cream one as I was waiting for our taxi to bingo last night, so stood on the doorstep, the air nippy, Christmas lights twinkling in most of the houses and all of a sudden the chimes from the ice cream van! Never gives up that fella. :D
Dec. 17th, 2015 12:26 pm (UTC)
Forgot to ask, did you get your card etc.?
Dec. 17th, 2015 04:29 pm (UTC)
i've just come online to answer emails etc and happily i can report that your card and the very pretty incense burner were waiting on the mat when i came home this afternoon! Thank you, that's very sweet of you!
My mails are so erratic with the Chrismas crush, that sometimes i don't get mail every day. Frequently there's a 'double' amount the following day, which is slightly irritating. And there is no regular delivery time whatsoever and can happen anytime from 9.30am onwards. Today's post arrived after i went out at 11.45am - fitting for the new bridge at my dentist's, which after a slightly longer wait in the waiting room, had to be the fastest in-and-out ever i've ever had! i should get the new bridge when i go next on the 12th January. Frankly, given the time of year and the vagueries of the delivery, i'm surprised we got this far along at all!
Take care xx
Dec. 17th, 2015 05:30 pm (UTC)
I posted days ago! The post is terrible now, festive season or no. Hope you don't have any trouble at all with your new bridge when you do get it fitted.
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