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Merry Christmas to all!

Have a wonderful time!


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Dec. 26th, 2015 12:12 am (UTC)
Hope you had a lovely day xxoo

I've eaten too much of course...bleugh...
Jan. 1st, 2016 06:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Ditto! It's pretty much a day like any other really but it went well. i had a small turkey roast with the trimmings - it made three meals for me - and as it had stuffing with it, i forgot the stuffing balls i had in the freezer! Not to worry though, i'll have them another time when i have some chicken. i actually had some presents i liked this year, which was nice! That sounds ungrateful doesn't it, but when you have a religious friend, you never know what you'll get! One time, i got a whole load of bible & religious texts - which being a complete pagan, meant a whole lot to me, not, as you can imagine!! *Stop looking for the perfect Christmas gift, you have Jesus* Honestly, i ask you!
i do have another present on the way in the near-ish future when Char gets someone to post it for her! That will be some vacuum-packed Alaskan salmon [and sugar-free 'candy']; yum! Take care and don't let your Ma drive you crazy!
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