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Sunday 6th March, 2016

Quiet Sunday... First i must apologise for the lack of posting. i've been so caught up on my NHS stuff and my personal medical matters, i rarely post anywhere just now.  i pop into Facebook to catch up on what my f-list is doing, though i don't always do a post.  i can only reach some people online there, so i keep it on.  i know how vital it is for the USA to keep up with their complex pre-election stuff, but gad, it gets SO boring!  My lot seem to post little else at the moment, except for one who isn't well.  And Jean, of course, who still posts about all things James with enthusiasm. *grins*
i tell you what is odd, or not due to advancing ancient status, i've had the heating on more this year than practically any others. This inspite of what is reportedly the mildest and most peculiar winter on record - they should have been waiting with me for the X5 bus yesterday!  It was bloody FREEZING.  It had been trying hard to snow earlier and managed a nasty but relatively short sleety spell, which had disipated by then, thank heavens.  Of course, as soon as i got on the bus, i ceased to worry, as it is only a 2 minute dash to unload my scooter and get into the Centre in Milton Keynes.  Apart from a very slow trickle into Bedford, due to the appalling traffic, it was a trouble-free trip.  The X5 is actually classed as a 'local' bus for all stops from Cambridge to Oxford and for Bus Pass holders, it is free if you travel after 9.30am. Very handy.
The Centre was heaving as usual and the Homemade & Vintage Market was very well attended.  After a quick bite, i worked my way round to the Brocant boys and had a delightful spell catching up with them. All new stock and doing well, i'm happy to report.  Then i settled down to some serious stall hunting!  So many and such a lot of gorgeous things to see,  i managed to pick - and store safely - some business cards this time and although i didn't buy from all of them [what you think i'm Rockerfeller?!], i took some photos as i went.
The stall-holders' cards [in no particular order] were from Handmade Jewellery, Craig Fellows, Pure Country Northampton, Orchard Lane Pottery, Magnificent Makes Ltd [the Superhero gifts], Marmoset Designs, Shake N Scoop [delicious icecream], The Indian Orchard [wonderful chutneys!] and Paraphernalia from whom i bought the handmade/homemade quilt.  i had such fun for no-entry-fee hours and pretty much ran out of cash as i finished the stalls!  i've taken some pictures of what i bought but will have to wait until my camera batteries have recharged before i can download them to the computer.  i can't think of anywhere else i can go for free and spend some happy hours browsing [and buying some goodies] outside of visiting my local antiques auction.  i do love an auction and get to watch Drew Pritchard [Salvage Hunters] & Mike Wolfe's Antique Hunters on TV too, with great delight.  Maybe it's the buying lovely goodies that draws me, and many thousand others into watching.  That's it for now.  Have a terrific week!