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April 1st 2016 and it's Friday

i really don't DO stuff like April Fools, as i find much of it pretty stupid and i never could see the point. So having cleared that up!  It's been fine over the past couple of day, which is nice but the wind is still on the cold side, which isn't.  Mind you, i could be sitting here in 4 months saying the garden door is open to get some cool breeze.  English weather is a law unto its sweet self - and the Gulf stream.  It's a useful topic for conversation with strangers and friends alike.  Which makes me remember a piece i read in the paper yesterday about the unequal divide across the country for Govt flood repairs and how the South will get more money, which makes the York flooding vulnerable, if you know what i mean.
Not a huge lot to report really, still trying to get the right balance with my insulin and still waiting for my gum to heal after my dentist hacked his way in to remove the remains of the tooth under the discarded crown -  and i do mean hacked, butchery is what it was.  i've had to put next weeks impressions appointment forward/backward however you call it, until it has finished healing, as it won't be done by Monday coming.  The missing tooth crown will be added to my bridge, hence the impressions.  My dentist also mentions the shadow under one of my oldest crowns every time i'm there now, but i don't have any problem with it [to-date, touch wood!] - ain't broke, don't fix.  Why do people 'touch wood', do you know?  It is a very old superstition.  i have a picture in my head of a vicar's wife rapping an old pew in a church, not realising how funny it was!  i have a feeling it's pagan for sure.

i've been happily puttering round the latest bits from the auction, removing the prints from large and heavy frames and admiring them with nothing distracting.  Why such massive frames, i often wonder and in such unsuitable colours.  Mind you, i hate pretty much anything brown, so any brown frame automatically joins the 'throw out' list.  i gave a bunch of frames to a local charity recently, so i'm hoping they'll take my latest batch too.  Not all were so badly framed and where the mounts are correspondingly agreeable, i can leave those three.  The unframed prints go in a large folio holder until such time as they are re-done, and/or okay to hang.  i need a proper handyman to put up a picture rail really, on account of the solidly resisting walls. These two prints are called 'Low Water' [at top] and 'Prawners' and i bid, not thinking i'd get them, but i was the only one - £20 - astonishing!  'Prawners' has some water damage but the other is fine.  Love them but love the Peter Nutall ones more and happily i got those for a really good price.  He is so distinctive - the Dragon Boat is my current favourite [my ancestors must be calling me!], but the Horse & Warrior isn't too shabby either.
That's about it for now, have a great weekend!