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Wednesday, 6th April 2016

Hump day for the workers.  i used to feel happy about that, now it doesn't matter so much.  Oh, the blessed feeling of not having to do anything and can sleep-in passed the time i used to be at work.  As long as i get up in time to check the blood sugar and take morning insulin shot at 10am, i'm good.  i'm thankful for the advances in modern medicine that makes the needle for the pen really small and not 'hyperdermic-sized or looking', as i truly hate them.  i just need to use a 'fatty' area - it really makes a difference to putting it in a muscle area.
i'm quite a good getter-upper but after so many years being ruled by an alarm, i love not being.

i love my coffee.  My old supervisor used to say, i kick-started my heart with it!  He was a really nice man - for a change.  i had so many over the years that i didn't like, but you deal with it.
It's been an on/off day with the weather, some really nice sunny spells and then enough cloud to warrant lights on.  And it's going to continue like that they say, but expect some cold winds coming down from the north.  i don't care.  i'll be out for a bit tomorrow afternoon but that's all i have scheduled this week and into the next.
Some pictures for you and a rather nice Arthur Rider seascape, then i must away and wash my hair :D
Enjoy the rest of the week, y'all!

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