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Saturday, 23rd April 2016

What an odd day, weatherwise.  Cloudy enough to need lights on, then sunshine to try and tempt you out and then short hail storm and back to sun!  It's just uniformly grey at the moment, just after midday-ish.  Didn't like the look of the icy winds predicted on the weather map last night...
i do need to go to the chemist, however, and pick up a new lancet pen; split the side bit where the lancet goes in.  What a palaver to get a new one! i had to get a prescription for it, very odd; mind you, i have to get the sharpsguard box on prescription too.  i wonder what they think we are going to do with them, if we were simply able to buy the items over the counter? And maybe they are expensive?  It's all so complicated adjusting to the paraphanalia of diabetes and timings.  i've got some new fast acting insulin now, in addition to the slow-release one. i'm to use it for the carbs but not protein & fruit.  It's just the carbs that raise your sugar levels it seems.  My two slices of toast raised it 2.2, even with the new stuff; there's no justice in the world, as it will increase, i'm sure. :(
i bought a lovely old mirror in Cheffins sale but haven't got it home yet. Some glitch with them and their godforsaken bank (yes, Barclayswank) and still showing as unpaid by the end of Friday - inspite of it being paid by bank transfer the night before and showing in my account.  So i have to wait until Monday now - it had better be sorted then or else! This is it, all 5' of it.  Like old mirrors.

Cheffins had two sales this week, most unusual.  One was the normal monthly Antiques & Interiors on Thursday but the other was the Collectors' auction the day before.  Both auction rooms filled to the gunnels with an auctioneer's stand in each.  i only had two real bids of interest, this mirror and a scrimshaw sperm whale tooth [which i didn't get].  i forbade myself from attending either sale, quite normal to stop me from spending too much money, but also they were one on each day.  Not too much time on the scrimshaw bid but the mirror was in the last part of sale and i'd have been hanging around for ages.  i love the viewing days - SO MUCH to see.  i do check over the catalogue online before i go, but still spend some time actually finding the lots.  i frequently have to ask where something is!
Nice staff on the whole and helpful - though one was rather disparaging and condescending about selling my small 'brown furniture' oak drop-leaf table - and saying they would value it at £30-£60 but with no reserve and a £12 seller's fee - you get the feeling it was really not worth their while, especially if it sold for £20 (the minimum rostrom bid) and would leave you with an £8 profit.  They do have a fair amount of the dreaded 'brown furniture' - wood is mostly brown, y'know!  i really don't hold with painting wood; if you want white or another colour, buy modern.  i do frequently buy white furniture to keep rooms light in small flats but love the odd bit of 'brown'.  i really could do with a larger table is why i'm considering selling this one.  Note: that's light-shine on the edge, not damage.  It's in very good nick.

i was delighted to find 'Crossing Lines' Season 3 on Amazon - bless their cotton socks!  It's put out by a German firm but is recorded in English, thank heavens - i hate subtitles and wouldn't have bought it otherwise.  Big change in cast of course, what with quite a lot of the actors now gone,  Delighted Donald Sutherland and the wonderful Tom Wlaschiha are still there but as you can see two new top-liners, Goran
Visnjic and Elizabeth Mitchell.  i shall look forward to seeing how they settle in.

Well, i must go and pick up the lancet pen and do a small shop, so have a great weekend and celebrate St George's Day!
Toodles!  p.s. love the arm coming out of the grave!  That's a calligraphy competition under the GOT boys goofing off.


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Apr. 23rd, 2016 03:35 pm (UTC)
Well, I like your brown furniture. I adore those 'barley sugar' legs and it's a useful item as it folds the leaves down. You would have thought someone with a small flat would be grateful for it. I'm ending up giving away a lot of things because people don't want to pay for them - mind you it's better to give to someone who'll use it than take it to the tip!
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