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Tuesday, 5th July 2016

It's been a fair while since i posted here last, hasn't it?
We've had such a mishmash of weather, one wonders just where to start.  It's one of those sunshine and massive cloud days today, much appreciated by my birds.  i've got sparrows (!!), the robin, magpies, blackbirds aplenty, a small crow and the usual ringed doves visiting today.  i love feeding the little greedy buggers!  i put out both round fat balls and a big flat slab with seeds etc and a seed feeder for the little birds.  Actually it's all for the littlies but you can't just feed one lot.  i draw the line at the big heavy pigeons, hate 'em! And they scare all the others away, so i shoo them away if i see them.  i think the Council would disapprove if i tried to make them ex-pigeons. Would i eat the evidence? What do you think!  Ah, the blue tit gang have arrived now [about 5 of them].  Lovely little birds.
What have i been doing since my last entry... April, wow.  i'm slack, mea culpa!  Well, i've changed my dryer to a newer, apparently safer, model.  Hotpoint were doing a recall on old dryers (something to do with lint gathering where you couldn't reach to clean) and if i waited until July next year, i'd get one for free.  Nice of them, but if you didn't want to wait, for £99 you could have a new one now and they'd take the old one away as well.  So i opted for a new one now and it has been installed and i'm learning it's little ways.  All machines have their quirks in my experience.  i've changed over the bedside cabinets, from the heavy woodchip (?) ones to taller heavy-duty plastic multi-draw cabinets and donated the old ones to the British Heart Foundation. BHF come and pick them up, so good way to get rid.  The Sallys will do the same too.
i'm still thinking of getting a bigger drop-leaf table, but haven't seen what i want yet.  i did see one at Cheffins but i wasn't able to be there in person to bid, so lost out on that when someone over bid my commission bid.  i have seen several George 111 ones but most were too expensive. We'll see.  i bought a lovely little silver art deco sugar castor recently for a very modest price; it's really lovely, looks better now i've been able to give it a clean.

My ticket for the Cambridge Folk Festival came today, yay!  Need to keep it safe, as the bastards won't let you in if you lose it, no matter what proof you can offer to show you have paid for it.  THAT pisses me off mightily.  There don't appear to be any A-list guests this year, with KT Tunstall being the only Name, but she isn't an A-lister to my mind.. This is somewhat surprising given the usually excellent line-up.  Maybe that is my level of expectation, who knows?  i do know Cole Stacey & Joe O'Keefe are playing in the Den, one of the tiny venues that showcase new and up-coming artists.  They played in the Club Tent (bit of a misnomer as it isn't really a tent) and to my recollection, the Den IS a tent and smaller?  The Festival o need to step up their game and put them on Stage 2 at least.  i guess i'll just have to cross my fingers.  i have heard of a handful of the other artists, but only because they have played there before.  We had Joan Baez, Joan Armatrading, the Proclaimers and the wonderful Peggy Seeger last year - see what i mean?  If we have good weather, i'll count it as a good weekend.
i decided i'd brave a weekend away in Wrexham early November, for the Wales Comic Con.  Some of the Games of Thrones people are coming - TOM WLACHIHA!! Also Jerome Robins and James Marsters (not that i really care about the latter much anymore) but a fair few others of interest will be there.  i managed to find a reasonable little hotel not too far from the venue, though it will be taxis each way.  i'm mulling over how i will go, either train or National Express.  NE is cheaper by about £30 but takes around 10 hours, as there's no direct route and i'd have to go via London.  There's no direct train either and would cost about £97 - scandalous.  Trainline says 2 changes; i'll have to check that out, as there must be a train from Birmingham to Wrexham surely.  Well, more on that later.
In the meantime, some pictures to amuse you. Isn't the sleeping bee on the bottom just beautiful?


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Jul. 5th, 2016 05:43 pm (UTC)
We had the issue with our tumblr drier and opted for paying for the new one. So much less hassle and I was getting twitchy about it catching fire LOL!
Jul. 6th, 2016 09:17 am (UTC)
Congrats on the new dryer. :) Good photos. Enjoyable post. My daughter feeds ALL the wildlife, it's a zoo out there!
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