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Saturday, 14th August 2016

The Happy Birthday icon is for Ginger, who's birthday is today.  It's 4 years since i've seen her, when she came over for the 2012 London Olympics.  We both enjoyed it immensely and this was the first event we saw at Lords Cricket Ground, the Men & Women's Archery Prelims. Never watched modern archery before - fascinating!

And here i'm watching the next one in 2016.  Time truly fugits!
What have i done this week?  Went for my bi-annual eye test at Specsavers - mostly good with small changes to my computer & reading glasses and a change of lenses in my bifocals to get rid of scratches.  Optician says he's changing me to an annual check-up now, on account of the start of cateracts [in left eye?]. Oh joy, something nasty to look forward to... Hopefully slow moving and not for many years to come. Pick up computer & readers on Tuesday, but another week for the bifocals.  £75 for the lot [thank you NHS], which includes reflectives, non-scratch etc.  i'm keeping the old frames for c&r but getting new blue plastic frames for bifocals. Surprisingly lighter than my current ones, a very light metal, which manage to dent the sides of my nose even then.
Down to the doctors for my tri-monthly B12 shot, and yes, it makes quite a lot of difference.  i know when it's due as i want a rest/sleep pm a lot come the end of the period.  i was telling one of senior ladies in the Co-op about it when she said she could do with more energy; she'd never heard of it.  Vitamins are so vital to our lives and we can do with a boost as we get older.  i take a multivitamin and codliver oil capsule every morning and Vitamin D morning and night, as religiously as i take my painkillers.  i tried to imagine what i'd feel like without it all and seriously, i flinched.
i had my haircut on Thursday; getting quite long. i have a visiting hairdresser, Debbie, who comes here which is very handy and HEAPS cheaper that going to a salon.  She was in a local salon that was sold and decided to go mobile.  She has a seniors' price and lots of clients [i think most of her clientele stayed with her].  i like her and her work, so i was very glad to keep her.
i'm almost ready to start renovating my new/old Regency table.  i've got fine steel wool, beeswax and a brush now and i was pleased to find most of the missing veneer pieces in the well under the folding top.  So first, attempt to repair the swivel piece under the top [this will be the trickiest bit i think], then replace the missing pieces. Next a good clean, before trying to restore the scratches and marks.  Then if i'm happy with all that, on with the wax [or does it need French polish?].  Such a shame that buying anything nowadays is very much 'buyer beware', even reputable auctioneers. The lad in the showroom either didn't know under the top was damaged or was careful not to show me - i guess i'll hope it was the former, but i'll never know now.  Hope i haven't bitten off more than i can chew, but i'll keep you posted.  This is how it looks at present.

Kazzy's done a looooooooooooooong meme that will keep me amused for a lil' while. Ta, dear!
Glad to see Mo Farrer didn't let that fall put him off winning his race, but pity Jess E-H missed out on her heptathlon by such a small margin.  Will she retire now?  The on dit say's she might.
The only thing on my diary next week is picking up the first lot of glasses on Tuesday, so a good time to start on the table?  Will see what turns up.  Pictures: clever craft ideas and Clint & Scott Eastwood - so like his dad!
Have a great week, y'all!


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Aug. 14th, 2016 07:39 pm (UTC)
Wax polish should be fine for the table IMO. You can layer it on and build it up. You might want to add a little darker wax polish initially to bring out the colour of the grain. You can also buy renovation wax crayons which work wonders on scratches and fill them in. Good luck!
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