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Part Two, luvs!

Finally, after about 5 hours sleep, i gave up battling trying to get back into it - room over the front door does not help.
We co-ordinated and had breakfast at the cafe on corner, discussed the day and the timing of what we wanted to do, sorted some bits and got a cab to the Mermaid Theatre, at Blackfriars, right by the Thames for our overseas readers...

Queuing was well established but not too horrendous and i managed to find Rocky, various friends and a seat in that order, so i did not have to stand for long. They took priority seating and wheelchairs at about 12.30pm and then the guy on the door decided i didn't look disabled enough and wouldn't let me in.... i found out later my registration was with them but he hadn't seen it of course - i doubt if he could read... nobody was taking any notice and i eventually shuffled my way in with the rest of my number allocation - thanks a bunch - what was the point of doing all that, for nothing... Bitten was on the desk where my registration card should have been and she directed me to the priority seating. Pretty girl, she was one of the first Stewards i met at Harvest, sweetie really. The girl on the priority desk was ignoring me until i called to her and i eventually got my hospital plastic bracelet and was directed to go upstairs and bag my seat. Two flights of stairs later and down multiple little steps into the auditorium, i eventually found someone who took me to my seat - with the wrong ticket number pinned on it, but it was mine no doubt.
i think i was expected to sit there until they called the row but i had enough of waiting for other people by then and dumped my gear, took my purse and went looking for the EPs and stuff....
Found the merch desk and saw the Boys all sitting signing, James had been hard at work for a while by then. i bought EPs [£8] for me and two ladies who would not be able to get them for a while, a GOTR Tour tee [£5] and later two little teddys in white GOTR tees [£3 each] - no Tour badges, all gone, no pics of the current band, all gone - i took the opportunity of giving Steve Himber hell for not bringing enough stuff and he immediately blamed the German fans for buying everything in sight... So bring more, i said unforgivingly, unimpressed... New pics, goddess preserve me, like they weren't the equivalent of frickin' pixy gold!!! Bring more, you twat...
There had better be some of those pics in Oakland or i am really going to give him the rough edge of my tongue. i guess i have had the badges gone forever, i could kill the weasel... i moaned to Jamesrocks as i so wanted to send one to Char and when we parted at Kings Cross the next day, do you know what that little honey did? you guessed it, she gave me hers to send... the sweetness that is the heart of this woman takes my breath away...
i could also buy autographs for the Boys there [£10 the lot] and i got my little strip at the same time.
i saw Bitten writting new rows called on the flipchart and E, mine, was on it - so i nipped down and got the picture i had brought with me to be signed. It's that one the Scotsman Newspaper took, where James should be arrested for pouting without a licence... i had bought one off the website nearly a year ago and saved it for just such an occasion.
i went and joined James' queue and was quite glad to prop up the wall as we went slowly in to meet him. It takes a while to get there, no time at all with him and its gone...
i can't say if he remembered me or not as my picture was slid in front of him immediately and i didn't get a handshake cause i was holding covering for pic, stick etc but when he'd signed it, he looked up at me and smiled, seeing the tattoos and i said i have your name on today and turned my face to show him which ones. i said would you like to know what your name means? of course, he said yeah. 'Young at heart' and 'Gentle' ses i, 'isn't that cool?' He laughed at that and i put all my stuff in one hand and held out my right hand to him. He took it immediately and dropped his pen, to put the left one over the top and held it, squeezing gently. i stood and smiled at him for a moment then reluctantly pulled away and turned to leave, pausing to get my bracelet marked to show i'd been - and i heard him say to the woman next to him, 'that was so cute'... i just floated away - well, actually i limped heavily away but i couldn't give a flying monkeys... Goddess, he is so HOT - i wouldn't care if he was bald... but although i would prefer alittle more hair, he looked damned good....
i was so tempted to buy another picture just to go back and have him smile at me but i resisted, barely - GOTR were due to do the Q&A first at 3pm and i decided to go then, queue not so heavy. Sean was up first and i gave him the piece of lapis on a little bit of cord and explained i had given them to the rest of the Band last year and as he was a part of it now, this was his. He seemed pleased with it and i apologised for not having the photo with him in it to sign and he said no problem and signed across James' tummy under where James had signed. i remembered the EPS in my other hand and said i am a fool, you could have signed one of those! 'no problem', he said, 'i will if you like' and i said yes please and he signed one - little sweetie. i wanted to say more but there were other people waiting so i moved down the line to Charlie. He looked up at me and said 'Hello again' and took the photo. He look at it for a while and then turned it over to see where it had come from and i told him about it - he could see it was a real photograph, not a print and i am not sure if he had seen it before - anyway he turned it over and copied down the details of address etc and then signed it. Kevin was sitting next to him, yawning his head off [he had crawled in at some very ungodly hour in the morning!]- he too was interested in the picture and Charlie said he had taken the details. Kevin signed and i am not sure just how up to talking he was, so i just smiled at him and moved to Steve, who had been watching all this. FrenchDaria had got him to remove his sunglasses and it was nice to see his eyes for a change - he has pretty eyes...
Everytime i saw him at Harvest, i never had a pen and i grinned at him and said i finally have a pen for you today [he probably thought i was nuts, till i explained!] and i could not resist ragging him about the last time i had seen him chatting up three girls, on the Sunday night. He signed my picture, with a huge sheepish grin on his face - i had leaned my elbows on the table top to keep the conversation a little more private and i grinned at him and said, 'i often wondered if you got one of them or all three' and to my delight, he almost blushed, with that big smile on his face!! That was worth waiting for! i just laughed and said, 'Bye' and he replied 'Bye' still smiling...
i went back to my seat then and watched the video clips.
They had played Chance and various James' episodes..
Several of the music clips were very clever - "Whatever!"
and filled in the time till the Q&A and an almost Spangel one that was hillarious, with David's Spaz dance to start with.

The Boys eventually joined us - and got a huge welcome! The questions had been selected from previously submitted letters and it cut down the duplications very well and it all went smoothly, some good questions and some the usual - one was what was your favourite film/video and Kevin? said one of his favourites was 'Debbie does Dallas' - which made us laugh and the next questioner topped it by saying "Hi, my name is Debbie and i do London!" Everybody cracked up and James got out of his chair and bowed down to her - i caught the picture i am glad to say!
Most of the questions have already been reported on and i won't do so again but it was a fun and informative time and i loved it as we all did. Then it was the Boys off to sightsee and James back to signing... We had about two hours to fill in until James' Solo Q&A and we did so in various ways. There were the screening again to watch or you could go to the bar for a drink.
Rocky appeared and talked to me and showed me the pictures of her gorgeous boy and i took time to berrate Steve Himber...
Jamesrocks joined me and added her 2p worth as well, telling him she had deliberately waited to buy pictures here so as not to crease them. She wanted to hang about up near the bar and see if she could see James signing but she didn't get to see much. Daria & i went downstairs for a breath of air and i was collared by another friend with some goss and we split up for a bit. When my friend had brought me up to speed, i went back inside as the air was not that 'fresh', with all the cars going past. i sat and wrote up my notes and eventually Daria turned up again, been looking at what was around in the neighbourhood to eat etc. Jamesrocks also arrived and we decided to go back and sit in the Theatre. We watched the two Views of Spike again and "Whatever!" - it makes me smile everytime i think of it - and when someone irritates me here, i just think "Whatever!" and it cheers me up.
Lisa came out and said James was just about to finish the signings but he was worn out and was going to rest for a bit before he came and did the Q&A. That was fine with us and we settled down to more of the video clips. It did give me the time realise Eurydice was infront of me and to talk to her for a while, nice and i hope the move goes well, sweetie!
Eventually about seven, James came out to a rapturous welcome.
He pulled the raffle prizes first and was very nice to Bitten who had a card from the MTS members and the results of the Bleedathon, he was pleased with that.
They did the same with the question cards and managed to come up with some funny questions and some good ones - again most have already been reported but i loved the interaction with the microphone - "you got to wrap your lips around it, baby!" Very sexy.... and he bounced over to adjust it a couple of times. "Put it in your mouth, baby" all deep and pure sex!
but he was serious quite a bit and i was pleased he was allowed to be an adult and peel some of those fascinating layers off for us... so many of us have said they would love to talk to him, he is so fascinating and quick - there is a razor brain under that short, sexy hair and behind those glittering blue/grey eyes is a sharp intelligence...

i took some more pictures with the Digital and kept my fingers crossed - mostly crap but you can see who it is in some of them!! so i will post those too and the CD of the Pentax pitures when i get it back.

All too soon the time had passed and we gave him the ultimate theatre applause - a standing ovation... he looked quite moved and took himself off quickly. It took a while for the theatre to empty and i was able to say goodbye to Eurydice, Rockgoddes, Bitten, Katie and Duster, Spikesbabe and the rest of those lovely ladies. Illeana had joined FrenchDaria and KatieMarie lives in London so they both joined us for dinner. We had to split up for numbers, as two more of the French contingent had arrived and we arranged to meet at Chinatown for our meal.
We got there first and as soon as they got a cab, Daria and Illeana arrived [the rest had decided they didn't want to come!] - i was waiting on the pavement for them and we joined the other girls in the Restaurant i had remembered. Changed hands since i was there but still acceptable.. As we walked in, i suddenly realised that every Chinese man in the place was looking at me!! and i knew what it was - the tattoos on my face! i had forgotten them! only i would waltz into Chinatown with Chinese on my face... i was concerned that they did actually say James and not 'hairy monkey bum' but i knew the other one did say 'Honesty' - nobody jumped up and threatened me with instant expulsion anyway! and when we were ordering, one of the Chinese guys at the table facing me, looked me over, so i turned my face for him to read and i got a wide grin and a thumbs up!! so i relaxed and forgot about it...
We had a quick main course and the air conditioning was doing a good impression of the Artic by this time and i suggested we go get dessert and coffee elsewhere, which was agreed.

We actually moved slightly out of Chinatown proper and found a nice Italian place which served some sinful desserts and good coffee. We sat and had a good natter - KatieMarie was getting an eduation about older lusting women by this stage, weren't you, baby?!! i will so look forward to seeing you again in Oakland. It slowly dawned on me, i was sitting with a table full of Platinum ticket holders and i was thrilled to bits that i will know so many when i get there!! We had more coffee but Illeana had to go and we sat on for a while, until Katie had to go too and we hopped a cab back to the Hotel.
It was a repeat of the following night and Daria went to bed and Jamesrocks and i had a nightcap, while we rehashed the day and the goss! My legs were very sore and i knew i would pay for all this walking up and down stairs and the night before - by god, i didn't realise how much!
i had just finished washing my hair in the minute shower, when i heard my mobile go off and it was Jamesrocks - i swear she hangs upside down in the wardrobe and doesn't sleep but once a year! she came up and talked while i dressed, repacked my bag and disussed what we were going to do with the rest of the morning. We dumped our bags at the luggage holding area in Kings Cross - what a ripoff! £5.50 PER ITEM but we got out of there and went to Covent Garden for breakfast. i had a mushroom omlette and the smallest cappucino i had ever seen, i thought it was an expresso... but we went for a stroll around and checked out some market stalls and a Cinema Store for pictures of James...!! not a lot to do on a Sunday so we eventually went back to Kings Cross and saw Daria off on the Underground to Waterloo. We went and had a drink and another bite at the Macdonalds across the street - about the only place open and wondered if James was up yet or if he had gone on a plane the night before.. i bet he was par-taying again!!! We never run out of things to talk about with James, do we, pet?!
Anyway my train time drew near and Jamesrocks saw me on to the platform [she had a good hour or so? before hers left Paddington and she had an errand to run] - see you in three months time, when you will be my roomie in San Francisco!! what fun! i have this sweet, generous and lovely lady to share with, ain't i the lucky one? She gets a cantankerous, sarcastic woman who snores!
Photos to follow - night, luvs!