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Monday, 12th September 2016

Slightly warmer greetings than i hoped for, to you all!  Apparently it's going to get warmer still over the next few days...what's that i hear?  You LIKE hot weather?  Hmmm, well i really don't; it's way easier to get warm that it is to stay cool.  Yes, i am an expert but it doesn't mean i like it!
Never mind, lots of people will love it.
It's a medical week this week starting out with a non-fasting blood test this am and picking up the latest prescription. i have an appointment with the Hepatology Unit on Thursday and an introductory meeting with a new doctor on Friday.  i'll have another blood test done next Monday but a fasting one.
i'd have picked up my presc on Saturday but we went off to the Homemade & Vintage Fair in Milton Keynes.  It's almost always a good afternoon and the buses co-operated well this time, no delays and the time went quickly.  The only downside was not being able to pick up a small mobility scooter for my friend - the woman went on (and on, and on!) about booking in advance.  This inspite of it being midday and several mobility items standing idle nearby.  i had phoned to make a reservation on their ansaphone before breakfast, but not enough warning apparently.  It didn't help that the woman had a voice like a corncrake with the volume turned up.  Anna gritted her teeth and registered 'for next time'.  Oh, Corncrake did offer a motorised wheelchair - for a whole 1.5 hours!!  What a waste of time that would have been; talk about after the Lord Mayor's cart!!  This was NOT Shopmobility i hasten to add.  They don't operated there any more apparently.
We escaped as fast as we could and the rest of the day pretty much rolled on wheels [no pun intended].  i had a few things to pick up from my favourite Brocant boys from a charity auction, and took a couple of items with me, the rest will follow.  That's Indians on a camel and two weaving shuttles, about 14 inches and quite heavy.  Quite beautifully made and lovely and smooth.

We spent a bit of time with them to catch up and reluctantly tore ourselves away to shop-on!  i was very restrained this Fair and only bought a couple of things.  i could not pass up a truly irresistable rhino for a modest £15 [door-stop, the lady said, but available just as a toy too] from Sewing for Utange [on Facebook 'SewingForUtange' and http://www.funkyfriendsfactory.com/ - very worthwhile cause] and took Anna back to look too - lots of different animals, all adorable.  They also sell bags and all sorts of great things.
i bought two beautifully made rings from JVS Designs [such a clever lady and lots of different pieces, from rings to pendants, all kinds of necklaces, bracelets etc and VERY reasonable].  No website but email jackiestapleton@brinternet.com for details.

The cork-backed Hare tiles were a present from my lovely friend..

This Fair is a credit to Jackie, who manages to invite a great variety of people every year and keeps us coming back for more.  Well done, you!


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Sep. 12th, 2016 05:56 pm (UTC)
We got a scooter for Mum from Shopmobility, Sale (Manc) today and the people were fabulously helpful...more than helpful really, quite amazing. Kudos to them.

I luv the camel, I'd have that for sure and the blue stone ring. Usually though I only like to buy books and plants. I'm very picky now after years of car boots. :)

Corncrake sounds like a right jobsworth!
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