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Tuesday 30th January, 2007

Up and out earlier today as I was due at the dentist's at 11.15am – and knew roughly where it was.  Walked from bus stop and discovered it was just a spit from Gonville Place Road, a comfortablish walk on a good day.

Up some 9/10 'orrible stairs, steep & narrow, introduced myself & filled out the forms.  Not terrifically organised, after checking over all my teeth and inspecting the broken one (popped a tiny bit of filling in it), he said 'X-rays' and 'make another appointment & I'll do a crown for that one' and I was done.  I expected the girl or someone to come and do the x-rays but noooooooo, the appointment was to come back & have them taken… I managed to get one for Friday, before I go to sign in, otherwise it would have been next week.  O-kay…


Descended carefully, found a bus stop and hopped on the next one going down to the train station, to buy a Network Railcard [1/3 off all journeys weekends and off-peak weekdays].  Good thing about Cambridge, plenty of buses [now that I'm here, it will probably drop by half!!!].   Dayrider tickets for £2.80 let you hop on & off any of the City Stagecoach buses throughout the day and are a good thing to have.  In this case, well worth it for 5 sections or segments – it is £1.50 just to go into town.


Girl at the Station was very helpful & pleasant, checking out my intended February timetable while I filled out the form for the Railcard.  She made a boo-boo but corrected it and in a very short time, I had a new Railcard (£20 for a year) and my Cheap Day Return ticket for 18th February [to go down to London to watch the Chinese New Year Parade and have some fun] – at a discounted price of £11.90, instead of £18 – a couple more journeys and it has paid for itself…  everything after that is jam on it.   As I walked away, I thought when it needs renewing, I will be getting a Senior Railcard…  What was that about fossils, Sami?

What is a little confusing, getting the bus back into town, is the fact none of them say that is where they are going…  Buses call in at the station going out of town and back in – so you just have to ask… AND the Railway Bus that only goes to and from the city centre, is with a different company and is not covered with Stagecoach, who do the Dayrider!   With me so far?  Gooooood….

I get one in about 10 minutes anyway and we zip off.   A little old man got on and dithered about trying to put his wallet back in his hip pocket, before he sat down – the result being he wound up half on the seat and slid slowly and gracefully onto the floor!  Several hands had slowed his descent, including mine, so he didn't hurt himself.  Bus still moving and someone called out, "Stop the bus", while we attempted to help.  I was in the seat directly behind him and I simply stood up, grasped him firmly under the arms and hauled him upright – completely forgetting my surgeon's instructions not to lift anything heavy for the next 6 weeks…!!!  Luckily, he was a little old man and weighed next to nothing…

The woman next to him by the window, moved out and let him have the seat to himself and as he settled himself, he half turned and said thank you to me and I replied 'My pleasure – it isn't every day I get to manhandle gentlemen in the afternoon', which made him smile and forget his embarrassment somewhat…

Get to the bus station and on my bus home… we pick up a crippled guy, who appeared to be missing a right foot at least, I move to give him room and as he sits down, I get a whiff of him…  that is followed by a tsunami of THE most rank, horrible STINK…  He was filthy and if I told you half of what he smelled like, I would make you sick…  He would try and make conversation, even if my face was half way towards him, so I simply got off at the next stop. 


It was obviously my day to see some of the unfortunates of the area and as I waited for the next bus, a bedraggled woman of about 35? came and sat waiting for the bus too.  She had on a dirty pink sheepskin jacket & tatty jeans, that she dropped loose tobacco over as she rolled herself a fag, never even bothering to brush it off… She had a real smokers cough and she drew on that cig like it was life giving.  She didn't look too bad till you looked a little closer and saw her nails were half painted, broken and dirty.  She had obviously been shopping as she had two or three bags with her and when she got on the bus, put money on the diver's sill and then she put the bags on the floor and searched for more change to go where she wanted.  She didn't have enough as I heard her say, how far will that take me and he gave her the destination.  She got her ticket and sat down.


I sat and thought about her until I got off a couple of stops later – she and the cripple were ceasing to care what they looked like or smelled like.  I don't care how poor you are, you can be clean…


I got off just passed the Spar store and I have noticed that quite a few people seem to congregate there, just hanging out – drinking beer out of cans etc.  They always seem to be the same couple of girls [rough], guys [unkempt] and assorted dogs [don't know why!] in various combination.  There they were sitting in and around the bus shelter and blocking the pavement…a regular little club.  As far as I know they don't bother anyone..   Spar, of course, sells liquor of all sorts…


I was just glad to go home – and Begonia has taken the cleaning job!  Our floors were spotless, sink & stove shiny and all smelling fresh and clean…  I love it…

Paresh went to Sainsburys yesterday and got some cleaning products for her – I know which store it was because he bought me some Quality Street sweeties, as a thank you (for showing Room 1 to some viewers and for generally cleaning up when the other girl wasn't there etc).  Sweet…  He still reminds me of Himber – only better looking!!


I'm still enjoying cooking but keep it short, as I tire of standing quickly and need to sit down after a bit, so I do it in short bursts.   I treated myself to an icecream soda when I got in… little treat there and I'm going to have some peanuts while I watch the new series double Episode CSI in a couple of minutes.  New CSI New York on Saturday, yay…


And that really, was Tuesday…


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Jan. 31st, 2007 06:56 am (UTC)
Oh poo!! CSI was on last night!! I missed it :(

Sounds like a colourful selection of people. It's sad when people loose their self-respect so much that they don't care any more what they look like.
Jan. 31st, 2007 09:00 am (UTC)
Where you been, girl? They have been advertising the new CSI programmes for a couple of weeks now, on Five... At least you can start afresh with Mac on Saturday! i do like Gary Sinese...

Yes, you need your self respect - i mean i can understand a lack of vanity but totally? Even i'm sorta vain about a couple of things! Being clean probably is one of them...
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 31st, 2007 11:16 am (UTC)
oh my..
i'd like that a lot!! But wouldn't it be sad if it turned out he was a midget??

Sorry that the February trip won't happen, woulda been nice... xx
Jan. 31st, 2007 10:54 pm (UTC)
HI! :)
Hey, haven't been on lj for a while.
Glad to hear you're doing fine...except for the
foul odours! ;)
Feb. 1st, 2007 10:12 am (UTC)
How the hell are you??!! Haven't seen you about for soooooooo long... How are you doing?

i am going to miss not seeing you this year, it's not a concert without you somehow, bella!
But that is life i guess.

i am glad you haven't disappeared completely, love
Take care, yeah?
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