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Post for Ditto 30-10-16

Sorry Ditto! i accidentally deleted your comment as it posted 4 times!
'I luvs porridge. I don't have it at the minute because I'm still trying to lose 8 stone but as soon as I get to goal I shall have porridge daily for breakfast. Being diabetic sucks. Anyways I don't think I have it, but in the Reader's Digest book on Diabetes it says denial is the first reaction. My doctor didn't tell me I had it, he asked "You do have diabetes don't you?" I still think he got me mixed up with my sister who's long term diabetic. I was so flummoxed I didn't interrogate him as it was at a really intense appointment. My results must have been bad as he was taking a photograph of my feet and stuff and said I had to have overnight blood pressure monitor. Still not had that though, they seem to lose interest once you've left the surgery. I could do with a blood sugar monitor. I was hoping you would automatically get one, but maybe you have to get your own and just have the strips and stuff from the doctors?'
Do go back to the doctor because if he has mixed you up, he's an idiot!  Make sure you are really a diabetic. If that is so, you are entitled to a free blood sugar monitor, which comes with the bits, although you will have to get the lancets and strips from your chemist.  If you need an overnight blood pressure monitor, it will probably come from the appropriate clinic at your nearest hospital, not always the fastest response!  i had one and had to go pick it up and return it the following day.  Hope that helps.


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Oct. 30th, 2016 09:10 pm (UTC)
Four times! I wonder why? Thanks for going to this trouble and for the information. I'll be going back to the docs then asap. :)
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