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Saturday, 3rd December 2016

i need to take a leaf out of KazzyCee's book and do a December meme, as i also have posted very little this year.  She posts a LOT more than i do [always interesting].  Makes me feel guilty!  So i'll do the first three days and hope to remember to do the rest!  Then maybe, i'll do a catch-up on anything else interesting - like completely forgetting it was the Christmas Mill Road Street Fair today - quelle clutz...

Day 01 → a picture of you taken this year - Taken on my phone to send to Lynnie to show the bracelet she made me; so very clever and lovely

Day 02 → your holiday wish list - i really don't do holidays anymore, and so don't have a wish list [that is do-able, that is]. i would like to go back to Venice [bloody awful for disabled] and maybe Amsterdam or Portugal [i can do buses and ferries to those].

Day 03 → talk about movies this year - i've not seen many this year; actually been to the theatre more.
'Hateful 8' was a waste of some good actors [Kurt Russell, Tim Roth and a cameo from Channing Tatum] but the wonderful 'Spotlight' cheered me up with it's wonderful cast, but what a subject to do it. 'View from the Bridge' was one of those filmed theatre performances, with the superb Mark Strong. Pretty dreary story though. Alexander Skaarsgard's 'Tarzan' was next, all quiet voice and rippling pecs. Big part for Jane and the second time i've seen Samuel Jackson this year [i really don't like him; he can't act so he talks loudly and waves his arms about], so you can guess i didn't see it for him! The special effects were good though. i did see the latest 'Star Wars, the Force awakens'; it can go back to sleep for me... loved the new BB8 and Daisy was an adequate heroine for a youngster but Carrie Fisher contributed nothing and Harrison Ford added his closing chapter.  The new villain was okay but needs a lot of improvement.
'Star Trek; Beyond' on the other hand was a fast moving romp, with some laughs and truly amazing special effects [and Karl Urban] - all you can ask for in a good scifi movie.  'The Magnificent 7' remake was better than i thought it would be [remakes are rarely as good as the originals], due mostly my favourite Vincent D'Onofrio and a couple of fascinating new guys, the Indian and Oriental], lots of gunfights and it moved along at a good clip.  i do want to see Eddy Redmane's 'Fantastic Beasts' and the latest 'Jungle Book' remake, but whether or not i will see them before the end of the year remains to be seen.
i've seen a catholic mix on stage this year - plays from 'Hobson's Choice' with Martin Shaw, '84 Charing Cross Road' with Stephanie Powers,  'Present Laughter' with Timothy West, and 'King Lear' with Michael Pennington, to the fabulous Kodo Drummers, 'Don Giovanni', Bill Bailey, Rich Hall and the breathtaking Seth Lakeman, who i saw on Wednesday [only decent photo my stupid phone could manage].  All worthy of note and very good in their own ways.

In other news, as they say, i'm still battling diabetes and now facing a biopsy on my liver.  Heigh bloody Ho.  i'm battling some severe depression at the moment and tend to cheer myself up buying pretty things...that i really shouldn't.  i'm supposed to be reducing my credit card, not increasing it.  Damn silly woman, but i guess we cope in our own ways.
How about some nice piccies to compensate?  All from the amazing Charis Tsevis, and a joke


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Dec. 4th, 2016 08:38 am (UTC)
I spend money when I'm fed up too. It's not a good habit is it. That bracelet is lovely - I saw Lynnie has been making some lovely things on FB. Good thoughts for the biopsy!
Dec. 4th, 2016 10:13 pm (UTC)
I luv the bracelet. Really pretty.

I've joined the Diabetes UK forum. Have learnt lots...they're very nice people.

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