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Wednesday, 28th December 2016

Next in the December meme - actually on the right day today!

Day 28 → your plans for New Years Eve - same as most years, zilch. Watch TV/DVD, have some homemade [hopefully!] Advocaat and send some text messages to close friends.

i seem to have temporarily lost my cursor... Never mind.
i'm trying out the 'new' security system ScanGuard - so that will be what is 'off' as it is doing the whole scan shebang.  Fingers crossed and i can leave AVG


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Dec. 30th, 2016 06:37 am (UTC)
Have you had trouble with AVG?

I'm with you on the new years thing, I've always felt it was forced jollity. Me and Mum will just be enjoying the telly as usual and that's a good idea about the advocaat! I luv the stuff. :) We're at my sisters for dinner on the day, I prefer that to carousing the night before.

Thank you for my advent calendar. This stupid laptop never actually got it open, but I was very pleased to receive it anyway xxoo
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