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Sunday, 8th January 2017

Well, so much for a Happy New Year - i have some very nasty 'flu.  Been over a week now, starting with a very chesty cough and gradually working upwards. Begging the question, how can you tell if it's the nasty stuff or something nastier, like pneumonia?  What is pneumonia anyway? Yes, it's an infection of lung/s and it's viral, but i have almost all the symptions - so far - but i don't have a fever.  i did have trouble breathing this morning. When i woke arounf 7.30am, i sat up to go to the loo and immediately starting coughing fit to bust. Not good as my nose was totally blocked and i had difficulty taking a breath between bouts.  After roughly 15 minutes of hacking and spitting - such a delicate description, doncha think? i eventually was able to breath a bit more easily.  i was a bit cold by then, so got dressed and being exhausted by then, slid beneath the covers and immediately went to sleep.  i managed about an hour and a half, before waking to take a drink of water, only for the coughing to start again!  When i had recovered this time, i gave up the idea of more sleep and walked into my bomb-site of a kitchen to make coffee and weetabix - still no front teeth, remember?
Talking of which, i knew my dental appointment tomorrow was out of the question and rang the surgery to leave a message on their ansaphone. Imagine my surprise when Jay answered [she's been managing the surgery for years].  She was just about to ring me!  Dentist can't get back as his return flight is via Turkey and airport's snowbound.  It will be Tuesday they think before they reopen.  i'll ring them when i'm no longer infectious and can breath okay.  There is a LOT of this bug and it's cousins going round and not just UK.  i have two reports from USA, one of which was the dreaded 'P'.
i think i will turn on the central heating and give this place a thorough warm... and have some hot soup for lunch.
Hope everyone not well is feeling better and that we are all back on our feet again SOON!