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Sunday, 22nd January 2017

The Vintage Fair at the Guildhall was on today and i half decided to go. Contacted friend Anna, who has also been stricken with the dreaded lurgy, asking was she fancying going?  Yes, she was.  So bundled myself up and went.  MY GOD, was it COLD?!!  i was seeing my breath as soon as i stepped out of the door about half ten and my scooter cover was crackling with frost, as i removed it!  By the time i got to the Guildhall, my hands were beginning to hurt, they were so cold.  And in thinsulate gloves too.  Not very pleasant.
However, warm inside and by the time i had a brief look at a small bit and sat down with a cup of coffee to await my friend's arrival, i finished thawing my fingers on the cup.  Man, what a freezing day!
i bought some sweet little cloth purses and silver evening bag, very reasonably and a couple of other jewellery bits, including a nice scarf - all for £12 - bargain.  My friend bought me the most gorgeous Picasso print scarf, superb! And as you can see from being draped over my chair, it's huge!  The other shots are of a lovely girl who had on this amazing skirt [bought at the previous Fair!] and she allowed me to photograph it. Such a sweetie.
You won't believe it but we had lunch at McDonalds!  It suited us just fine and we finished catching up on all our news.  Some noisy kids but hey, you can't have everything.  It was warmer going home but still damned cold. Problem with my scooter battery when it's cold and inspite of setting off with a fully charged battery, by the time i got home, the cold had drained it right down to a single red light and i simply crawled up the bridge and home - just made it.  This is my big scooter too.  The only way round this is to taxi my little one in & back, but it really is too crowded for that and i leave it outside the room anyway.  Still all in all, a good day.
Hope next week sees the back of this damned cough and everyone has a much better week.


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Jan. 22nd, 2017 11:34 pm (UTC)
That is a gorgeous skirt. It was cold here today too, I didn't risk going out other than in a family car. I hate the cold and having an underactive thyroid doesn't help. What does McDonald's do to your bloods? I risked chicken curry and rice for dinner, BG went up to 8.2. Not bad I don't think. Worth it. Need to test more.
Jan. 23rd, 2017 09:53 am (UTC)
Everyone has the awful cough that seems to last forever! Youngest Cee still has his and it's nearly 3 weeks :(. Hope yours goes soon.
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