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Sunday, 29th January 2017

i liked the look of this meme, so decided i'd do a Sunday version :)

1. Do you have one spot in your house where you like to go and just dream?
I have a four room flat - living room, kitchen, bathroom & bedroom - so it doesn't really apply to me. i suppose going to bed early to read could fill the bill but i'm just as comfortable reading with my feet up, in the lounge
2. Do you had a special blanket that you like to cuddle up in?
Not really but i do like a duvet in the winter to throw over sheets & blanket. i sleep with the window open most nights and it can be cold when i go to bed, but i usually throw it off when the room or i warm up - or i wake with a rather damp nightie!
3. If you could have one room in your house refurnished, which one would it be?
The bathroom, without a doubt!  Whoever put in the floor drain in the shower dish made a complete balls-up and water runs away from the edge of the 'wet' area towards the door!  Also the floor covering is some sort of nobbly 'non-slip'? stuff, i guess you'd call it.  Complete crap.
4. Did you have a good week?
As good as can be expected, getting over this horrible 'flu.  This morning was the second that i haven't had a coughing fit as soon as i sat up in bed - a really GOOD thing.  If this continues for the next few days, i will count my sore chest, throat and behind my nose as on the mend as well.  i did manage to get out to the auction on Thursday last and was pleased that i wasn't exhausted by the time i went home - sitting down most of the time helped!  i saw this wonderful little Japanese cabinet [36cm high] and as it is rather battered, i managed to get it for a reasonable price, though i missed out on a couple of tiny paintings [so vibrant and the catalogue pictures didn't do them justice], but you can't have everything!
5. Do you have special plans for the weekend?
Well, weekend is today, so no i didn't.  i have managed to get some small things done, like getting the bird table re-stocked.  i've heard a couple of birds but still haven't seen some of the little ones.  A couple of blackbirds and the usual damn pigeons, lurking in the tops of a nearby tree like vultures!  The doves are welcome but i resent feeding the pigeons, nasty heavy, greedy things!

Having seen 'Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' on TV, i wonder why it hasn't done better at the box office. Especially given Lily Cole and the following Jamie Campbell Bower has.  He was Arthur in the 'Camelot' series with Eva Green, and popped up in a couple of small but interesting parts - The last? Harry Potter and Twilight films, among others.  He is also a singer of the punk/rather noisy band and has quite a following.

Well, i'm off - my Chinese has just arrived!  Have a great week


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Jan. 30th, 2017 10:00 am (UTC)
Your Chinese box is interesting. How big is it?
Jan. 30th, 2017 12:00 pm (UTC)
Japanese box is 34cm high :D
Feb. 2nd, 2017 04:03 pm (UTC)
That box is to die for. :) I love oriental stuff. I'm always buying it for my brother from the car boot and he had to ask me to desist as he's very minimalist.

Glad you're nearly back to 100%.

I'm getting a flat next month if all goes well. Brand new, not even finished yet. Hope they've done a better job on the bathroom!

Thank you for my new years card, that was a welcome surprise. I love parasols and I'm always sorry I got rid of mine.
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