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Tuesday, 7th February 2017

i just seem to be following Kazzy Cee on memes at the moment, but i guess a short post is better than nothing, hey?

Pets today

  1. How many pets have you had at one time? We had a variety of pets over the years, two that i don't remember much, a gibbon and a Scottie [the only time we ever had a dog]. This was in Malaya where i was sick a lot as a kiddie, so that may account for it.  i've seen the photos though.  We had cats mostly, either singletons or pairs [which i much prefer as they are company for each other, especially if they start out as kittens]. In Aden, Mum did breed tropical fish for a while but they don't suit a travelling life! We gave refuge to a very young gazelle but before we could make sure it went to a good home, someone left the gate open and it got out. A pack of ferral dogs tore it to bits, bastards...  i only had cats when i left home in New Zealand, with varying results, not all of it good.  None of us liked birds in cages.

  2. What is the strangest pet you have ever had? i guess it would be the gibbon, which was most likely on it's way to a refuge. He and the dog used to have a lot of fun playing together.

  3. What is the coolest trick you have ever taught a pet? i guess training dogs is a good thing, like obedience and so on but i don't really like that either.  Dogs do seem to like those show games, stops them from getting bored i suppose.  Cats are their own thing, but will come when you call, if it is dinner time and they are close enough to hear you! All my cats were allowed outside when there was a garden.

  4. Real animals: What animal have you always wanted as a pet? Oh, a tiger without a doubt! Or a cheetah.. But i'd settle for something smaller, like an ocelot or bobcat... :D  i could keep bees, that'd be cool, and helpful to the population, but i doubt the Council will let me in a shared garden!

  5. Imaginary animals: Describe the ideal pet, an animal that doesn't really exist.  Pegasus?? Or a small boa - what an odd question


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Feb. 8th, 2017 12:42 am (UTC)
I find it fascinating that you've lived in so many exotic places. I've lived in the same place all my life, how boring. What were you ill with as a child? Asthma?
Feb. 9th, 2017 03:00 pm (UTC)
No, i had bladder problems [not working properly]. resulting in fevers and generally being rather ill, winding up in hospital. Came back to UK for a rectifying operation when i was about 6.
i've often wondered what it was like to live in the same place; can't have been that bad if you never left, can it? It does have it's upsides too you know - long term friends being the best and knowing your relatives. i'll bet you know where many school friends are and what they are doing. i don't know even which country most of mine are in! Some will be here in UK but i've no idea how to find them, especially if they have married etc. i can only count long-term friends from age 20 in NZ and Australia, and damn few of them! Would you believe four and not exactly useful if you want to drop by for a coffee! One now lives in Norwich. i've made friends since i came back to UK but they are all over place and none close enough for casual visits.
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