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Sunday, 19th February 2017

i had a huge problem when i last posted and only by a fluke was i able to get back what i had done. i'd erased it by mistake, not really sure how.  So must be more careful when posting.
i'm following KazzyCee again with a meme but renaming it Sunday Questions.

1. Do you take any daily prescription medications? Yes, too many really but necessary
2. Do you take any daily OTC (over the counter) medications?  Not daily
3. Do you take vitamins? Yes, l have been taking a multivitamin tablet and cod liver oil capsules but have had to add a prescribed B-complex shot and recently, an iron tablet to boost blood levels [turns my poo black! TMI??]. The last should be a temporary measure.
4. When you are sick, do you take OTC remedies or immediately go to your doctor? Luckily, i'm so rarely sick, that i usually self-medicate if it is cold or 'flu related.  i only go to the doctor if i can't get on top of it - like this last nasty little batch.
5. Do you take aspirin? Yes, as a blood thinner, in small doses.

That cough still lingers but i'm not sure if it is just my throat/lungs recovering or a last trace of the original, if you know what i mean.
i've had to re-schedule the liver biopsy twice now but hope to get it over with next Tuesday.  *ugh*  Then if all is still well, i will go ahead and go back to the dentist and get my bloody teeth fixed!  *i can't smile with no front teeth!*  i'm REALLY sick of not being able to chew propery - biting anything is a nasty joke.  Ah me, always some damn thing...
It's warmer at night just now but i'm finding the days chilly still.  We've had a few fine days and i appreciated the sun i can tell you.  It's a pity we're back to grey today, although we may be fine for a bit this week.  i really should try getting out more, now i'm about done with being sick. My mobility scooter battery runs better in warmer weather; the cold just sucks it dry in a flash.
Well, i must away and have a bite for lunch, so have a great week and spare me a thought on Tuesday.
Amazing street art and sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn [son five of the late Anthony Quinn].