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Thursday, 13th April 2017

Looking at Easter long weekend - managed to get in my emailing, phoning etc before everyone disappears... and ordering my prescription online for collection next week.  Busy little bee, aren't i?!  i woke up early *bloody pigeons*, actually BEFORE the two builders in the gardens over the fence started up. And only one is banging away at the moment.  Luckily the thick walls muffle a lot. Still waiting for the fence contractors to come back and finish the damn fence - what are they thinking??  i was up so early, i may treat myself to a nap this pm!
Cold wind still.. *puts on electric fire* clouds and sunshine at the same time. i've had the central heating on more this winter than ever before; must be getting old.  Old skin gets quite thin, apart from dry and wrinkly - youth is absolutely wasted on the young!  Enjoy your plump firmness now, guys, while you can!  i find myself admiring good skin more than good looks, but i always have.
Did i say before, liver biopsy was okay? Yes, it's showing signs of fatty liver but in the lower half of any possible problems - 'come back in a couple of years for another check-up', the Man says. i can live with that.  Just eat more greens and healthy fruit.  i won't be putting rocket in my smoothies again though, doesn't mix too well with the fruit, but i can live with the cress. Spinach next with my pears, apples, blueberries, kiwi fruit and frozen mango pieces - whatever else i have in fridge.  i added in the peach & grape juice, which is very nice and bursting with Vitamin C apparently.

Artist Fernando Suárez Regular called Cabeza Elefante btw.  Damn weird chair, equally weird cat/mouse doorknocker. Rosate spoonbills and an old Union flag i had to give a home...  Ah me... i'm clamping down on stuff i buy and i've had to cut back on donations to just two - financials starting to bite as services put up their prices yet again.  DLA supposed to go up a bit this year, hasn't happened yet but pension did go up £4 a week.  Hey, it all helps!  i'm glad i'm not applying for benefits now. It's all means-testing and all that even more now.  i do urge those who qualify to get in on the ground floor NOW before anything else crazy sets in and you are in line for higher rates, before .  i took that advice from the clever Citizens Advice man when i applied, and he is so right. It is so much easier to apply for the higher rate when you have the lower one already. You need to think in advance when you get to be a pensioner, with no extra money coming in.
Right, have a geat weekend and take care of yourselves.